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The Horrible Failure That Is Me

Guitar Hero Customs

My Custom Songs Page

Song Title Artist Tier Expert Hard Medium Easy Co-op
Bad Moon Rising Creedence Clearwater Revival 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Breaking the Law Judas Priest 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (4)
Californication Red Hot Chili Peppers 1 Yes No No No No
Dread and the Fugitive Mind Megadeth 6 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Eve of Seduction Symphony X 8 Yes No No No No
Flight of Icarus Iron Maiden 7/8 Yes Yes Yes No No
Hog Bitch Stomp Buckethead 6/7 Yes Yes Yes No Yes (X,H,M)

I'll finish it when I'm not so damned lazy.

Rock Band Accomplishments

Won't Get Fooled Again Hard Drum 5*
The first I beat Run to the Hills on hard drums (and the last time I'll play the song ever)
Blood Doll Expert Guitar. Was 1st place on PS2 for a while.
Tom Sawayer Ex Drums sightread (5*)
Next To You Expert Drums sightread (4*)
Won't Get Fooled Again Expert Drums sightread (Failed >_______>)

Guitar Hero Accomplishments


Mother FC
Last Child FC
Push Push (Lady Lightning) FC
FC to the X-Stream
Madhouse FC
Jessica FC
Stop FC
Crazy on You FC
Tier 6.... Gold Starred!
FTK FC (lolacronyms
Carry Me Home, -6 in Verse 2
Carry Me Home, -6 in Verse 2 More Stats
Rock This Town FC
Misirlou 302k
Yes We Can overstrum >.<
Mr. Fix-it FC
Elephant Bones FC


Cliffs Of Dover, -1 in Interlude C.
Knights Of Cydonia 471k
One 666 Note Streak
Welcome to the Jungle, we've got chokes.
My First Paranoid FC... And it was Online >.<
My First My Name Is Jonas FC... Also Online.
Radio Song FC
Sabotage FC
Lots of Points on Before I Forget
Well That Sucks
Generation Rock FC
TTFAF Medium -1 Run TTFAF Medium -1 Run More Stats #1 TTFAF Medium -1 Run More Stats #2 TTFAF Medium -1 Run More Stats #3

GH: Aerosmith

Single Player Failures

Mercy, missed the third to last note. Would have been first FC on the Wii. The other guy didn't do so hot.

Co-op with user_PieGuy PieGuy for teh lulz

All The Young Dudes dubble eff ce
Walk This Way 541000 exactly >____>
Bright Light Fright FC (?)
Mercy Lead FC, Bass screw-ups

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