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General Intro

Hey! Name's Hylian, or if you want to get more personal, Tyler. I'm 18 and live in Rocklin, California. I'm going to Sierra College and majoring in psychology (may minor in something to help narrow that down a bit more, but I'm not sure yet). As you may know, I'm a moderator on SH. I've actually been around since late January of '06, but didn't get around to registering for a couple of weeks after because I didn't want to jump into a forum that small yet. I'm glad I did though, since this has proven to one of the best communities I've ever seen on the Internet. If you're interested in getting to know me more personally, just go ahead and ask. I don't bite. :p

Misc. Gaming Stuff

Contrary to popular belief, I don't only play GH and/or RB. In fact, my favorite kind of game is one that is sadly dying off: platformers. I grew up with Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country 2, and Mega Man X; I've been hooked on them since. I'm always looking for a challenge when it comes to platformers, so you can imagine how excited I was when I found one that is mean just for the sake of being mean: Syobon Action. After learning the in's and out's of that game, I began craving for more. It was then that I found Kaizo Mario, a very cruel Super Mario World hack. While it is technically possible to beat the game without heavy abuse of save stating like I did, I don't really enjoy making it past a jump it took me an hour to reach only to die shortly after and start all the way over; however, I still did enjoy every minute of this game. I beat the sequel to this, but unfortunately was unable to record it. It's on Youtube somewhere. After that, I went after what a few people call the most masochistic platformer ever created: I Wanna Be the Guy (and trust me, it's MUCH harder than that guy is making it look). If you know of any masochistic platformers that are still possible, feel free to send them to my Youtube account (the Kaizo playlist and Syobon videos are mine, so PM them to that account please). I'm currently playing through Mega Man 9 right now, but will happily take on any other challenges you guys want to throw at me. :)

-- Beat Kaizo Mario 2 on 3/4/08! --
-- Endless Setlist on 1/26/08 (Vox H) and 2/15/08 (Vox X) --
-- Beat IWBTG on 1/31/08! --
-- Braid Speed Run time: 35:14.98! 11th on the leaderboards!

Guitar Hero/Rock Band Stuff

This section will be reserved for any and all GH/RB stuff I get around to doing. I'll get around to updating everything into here (hopefully), but for my most recent and up-to-date stuff, go ahead and check out my Expert Vocals for RB2 scores, since that's where I'm going to be playing for a while due to a lack of every other instrument.



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