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INBTF Quick Facts

Real Name:Michael
Hometown:Burlington, NC
Currently a freshman at NC State University

How I came into the GH world

A new user to scorehero, joined about a month ago, had visited the site every now & then for around the past half year. He first saw the glory of guitar hero, when his friend showed him the new guitar hero 3 demo at the gamestop that his friend worked at. Now INBTF had seen this game before, but had never tried it. so he picked it up and epically failed Rock You Like a Hurricane on easy. Then after the game came out he started playing on a regular basis, even though he didn't own the game. INBTF made it up medium difficulty in about 3 weeks, and then to hard around a month later. He played hard for a little while, and then thought why not try expert. He struggled but eventually passed slow ride and started moving down the song list. It was from there that the steady improvement hit. He passed the expert career around February, i think. Then started working on Through the fire and the Flames. All that would lead up to the faithful night sometime in March when he beat the song for the first time. After that INBTF set the goal of 5 starring the expert setlist. That task would prove to be a long one. he got to about the 7th tier in May and then it took about 3 weeks per song. About 2 weeks ago he finally 5 starred raining blood. After that he took a well deserved hiatus until World tour came out, although he did play a little GH2 and RB2 during that time. INBTF will most likely continue to play GH until he stops having fun with it, which will probably not be anytime soon.

What does INBTF stand for?

INBTF stands for IneedboutTREEFIDDY, which was a username he used at various places, he shortened it because he was too lazy to type it all out.

Guitar Hero World Tour

As with about most people, I am currently playing World Tour these days. It is something new and exciting that keeps me entertained. My current goals for this game are as followed:
-At least 25 Expert Guitar FC's
-FC all of Expert Bass
-5* all of Expert Guitar(Satch Boogie)
-Buy a new guitar(lack of money is really hurting this one, if anyone wants to donate to the 'Buy INBTF a new guitar' foundation feel free to contact me)

Guitar Hero world Tour FCs(As of 12/7)

Expert Guitar FCs Expert Bass FCs
1.Some Might Say(Sightread) 1.No Sleep 'til Brooklyn(Sightread)
2.Today(Sightread) 2.What I've Done(Sightread)
3.What I've Done(Sightread) 3.The One I've Love(Sightread)
4.VINTERNOLL2(Sightread) 4.Stillborn(Sightread)
5.Monsoon 5.Up Around The Bend(Sightread)
6.Re-Education(Through Labor) 6.Misery Business(Sightread)
7.Float On 7.Livin on a Prayer(Sightread)
8.Freak on a Leash 8.Rebel Yell(Sightread)
9.Our Truth 9.Our Truth(Sightread)
10.Hey Man, Nice shot 10.Shiver(Sightread)
11.Livin on a Prayer 11.Some Might Say(Sightread)
12.About a Girl(Unplugged) 12.American Woman(Sightread)
13.Beautiful Disaster 13.Go Your Own Way(Sightread)
14.Obstacle 1 14.Feel the Pain(Sightread)
15.Up Around the Bend 15.Kick Out the Jams(Sightread)
16.Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast 16.Too, Much, Too Young, Too Fast(Sightread)
17.Misery Business 17.Float On(Sightread)
18.The One I Love 18.VINTERNOLL2(Sightread)
19.Rooftops 19.Hail to the Freaks(Sightread)
20.American Woman 20:Kick out the Jams(Sightread)
21.Band on the Run 21.Mountain Song

22.Hotel California

GuitarHero/Rock Band Scores

Guitar Hero III (Wii)
Total Score19,005,745
Guitar Hero II (360)
Total Score5,376,077
Rock Band 2 (Guitar, 360)
Total Score11,122,442

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