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About Me
Name: Nathan Duong
Age: 15
Location: Orange County, CA
School: Los Amigos High School

Score Hero
I am a hard guitarist on Rock Band 2, but haven't uploaded any scores. Nothing would do me more than that the "scene" to have more emphasis on hard difficulty. I created this account for nothing except to get custom songs on Guitar Hero II, but the idea failed. After two years of turmoil and Guitar Hero III for the Woo, I discovered the Rock Band side of Score Hero a couple of months ago as it becomes apparent that I would be getting a PS3 and Rock Band, I decided to sell Guitar Hero III. After I get Rock Band, I started to upload scores until I became top 10 on hard guitar on Rock Band. Then, Rock Band 2 came out, and I got it with amazing results. Today, I will be making strides to move to Expert Bass and Expert Vocals on Rock Band 2 for chances to be in a band on Score Hero.
People probably all assume that Orange County kids are like snotty and have rich families as depicted in Ryan Seacrest Production shows. That's not true as my mom recently lost her job and I am working to get through life as the economic crisis is going on. I am a sophomore in Los Amigos High School as I also have Honors and AP classes as I am striding to get to Purdue University, IN. My grade are A's and B's as the Asian stereotype continues, and I have friends that I sometimes go out with. I also have older friends in my church group (non-Confirmation) as they are seniors and will probably be gone next year, so I will make the best of my final months with them.

Rock Band
I am a current top 10 Rock Band Hard Guitar and top 50 Hard Vocals.

Rock Band 2
I am now an expert vocalist and bassist. Looking for people to be in DLC Whores band

My Singer Character
My Guitarist/Bassist Character

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