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Janus5k is from Southern California and goes to college in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At home, he won several small tournaments, including a local Play 'n' Trade tournament (though he came nowhere close to placing the national tournament since he isn't very good at TTFAF) and four consecutive tournaments at the Jewel City Bowl. He also placed fourth in the NVGACon tournament in Albuquerque in May '08 behind beberle2, MrPulsar, and PriestMLH. He used to be more active on scorehero and held a long-running accomplishment thread (to which only 4-5 people really responded to often), but has gone into hiding with his move to college and acquisition of Rock Band.

Games owned: GH, GH2 (PS2), GH3 (PS2/360), GH80z, GH:OT, GH:A (PS2), RB, RB2.
Favorite songs to listen to:
Bark at the Moon
Beast and the Harlot
John the Fisherman
Cliffs of Dover
The Way It Ends
Round and Round
Pleasure (Pleasure)
Panic Attack

Best songs (according to himself):
Bad Reputation
Psychobilly Freakout
Take This Life (his best, which has saved him against arguably superior competition several times)
Mauvais Garcon
The Way It Ends

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