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Rock Band and Guitar Hero have really changed my life. When I first picked up the game, I was horrible. Not only that, I wasn't even interested in it- it was stupid to me. However, after playing some more of Guitar Hero 2 and 3, I decided to try Rock Band after some persistence from my friend to try it. I picked up guitar immediately, since that's what I had left off at in Guitar Hero 3. However, after I finished the setlist I picked up drums and gave those a try. Tried it on easy and medium first and couldn't pass a thing. I've definitely advanced far from there.
Not only have I improved on drums, I've done well at other instruments, too. In the beginning, OMBFCs seemed way out of reach for me because I wasn't good enough on anything. Now I can OMBFC stuff like Desperate Times, Desperate Measures, New Wave, Monkey Wrench and Everlong.
Obviously though, my progression on drums has been the most surprising. Some of my more impressive accomplishments are: First ever Peace Sells drum FC, Blackened FC, Rock Band 1 Full Game FC, Duran Duran all songs FC, Nine Inch Nails all songs FC, B.Y.O.B. FC, Sin Wagon and Hands Down FCs. There are plenty more, so if you would like to see my full list I'll put the link to my accomplishment thread down at the bottom of this page.

However, I wouldn't be playing Rock Band anymore if it wasn't for scorehero. There are some people I would like to thank in particular, so here that goes:

Sorry if I forgot anyone!

Accomplishment Thread:

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