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Hey, guys. It's Josh, a.k.a. Jesusphailz, as I'm called here. Well, I'm new to this Scorehero Wiki thing, so bare with me while I rattle on. :) I started playing Guitar Hero back in the old days, with Guitar Hero 1. I completely sucked before I got it. I saw it at my local Game Crazy, and was playing it every time I went in there. I started out on Easy, and did ok. So I moved up to medium, and did horrible. So I asked my dad to get me it. One Saturday morning when I wake up, I walk into my room (I slept on the couch that night for some odd reason). I walk in, and to my surprise, I see the Guitar Hero Game/Controller bundle and I grabbed it, ran out to my dad, and almost praised him for getting me this. I was so happy all that day. I played it non-stop, basically. I eventually moved on up to Hard/Expert, and completely sucked on those, too. Then Guitar Hero 2 came along, and I got that, too. My dad said I looked like I was having a lot of fun playing the first one, he'd get me the second one too. So I played all songs on Expert besides one, and that one song was my favorite. I know which one you will probably say, and you may be right. It was Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Yeah, that song gave me TONS of trouble. To this very day, I still don't think I can beat it on Expert without some bot or something helping me, basically. So I moved on to Guitar Hero 3, and rocked out on that on Expert. Then moved on to Rock Band. I was AMAZED at how beautiful the game looked compared to all of the Guitar Hero's cartoonish-like characters highway/fretboard, whatever. So I basically became a RBFB a.k.a. Rock Band Fan Boy. So I'm currently playing Rock Band 2. Once I get a WORKING guitar, I'll be playing Guitar Hero: World Tour, more than likely, since I've asked for it for Christmas.

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