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hey all!

If you want a quick summary go the the last paragraph.

I am JimmyHero33 otherwise known as James or Jimmy
I have been a member of the ScoreHero community for almost a year now around 9 months
I love ScoreHero, it makes guitar Hero that much more fun to play!

So well now I am going to finish up with Guitar hero 3 for the moment i have done a lot on the game. It was also the
first guitar hero game I owned i got my first ever Fail and Fc on this game I have not stopped playing this game for the past 9
or so months that I have been playing. i have taken minor breaks from it to play through GH:2 and GH:A but I never actually gave GH:WT
a proper go. So as of now I am leaving GH:3 for a while and going to play GH:WT and GH:A till GUITAR HERO METALLICA RELEASES!

So my goal in GH:WT is to only play on expert guitar. I will not play bass because it is a very big game with loads of songs and I will play every song at the least one time. I plan to get 20 million points on this game before i move back to GH:A and get 11 million on that.
By this time GUITAR HERO METALLICA! should be on the shelves and I will go and pick that up. I am planning to play through every difficulty and FC Easy Medium and than work my arse off on expert and play through Hard a few times!!!

So a summary of what I just said is.
GH:2 Not going to play for a long time.
GH:3 Going to put this down for a while been playing it all the time!
GH:A Going to get 11 million and than put it down.
GH:WT Going to get 20 - 21 mill and play every song than move to ether GH:M or GH:3 depending if GH:M is out yet.
GH:M FC Easy difficulty, FC Medium difficulty, play through a few times on hard, than PLAY PLAY PLAY EXPERT FOR AGES TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY!

Wish me luck!!!

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