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Also known as Matthew Reeder in some circles.

I'm a software developer from Redmond (I'll let you guess what company I work for).

Kawigi and Music Games

I got into music games with Rock Band. I spent more time in Rock Band working up my guitar skills. I started at medium, after playing very little Guitar Hero 3, mostly in Best Buy, and worked my way up to expert. It took me about a month to finish the last tier of Rock Band guitar on expert. Since then, I've gold-starred 50/58 songs on expert guitar.

Of course, I'm not known for guitar on scorehero, since I'm mediocre at best compared to the people who have much better-developed skills with it. Somewhere in the middle of trying to finish that last tier on expert guitar, I started doing vocals. I raced through the medium solo vocals career (not sure why, I guess I thought it was as good a place as any to get used to the songs and the game), and then expert, only failing a couple songs along the way. After finishing the expert vocals career the same day as I finished the expert guitar career, started looking back at some of the earlier songs and gold-starring them (without any particular direction except "gold is good enough for now"), and working my way through the bonus tour (which is probably more challenging than the main setlist on vocals, except that it's shorter).

After some effort and more involvement in Scorehero, I flew up the vocals leaderboards, peaking somewhere in the neighborhood of 10th-12th place on both Xbox live and Scorehero, FCing all the on-disc songs except Next to You and Gold-Starring all but Vasoline and I'm So Sick.

I'm still working on RB2, both vocals and guitar.

Working backwards, I got Guitar Hero 3 for Christmas in 2008. After about a week, I finally passed Raining Blood on expert, and (with some effort) defeated Lou.

Band Play and Pathing

After some time, User_BowlZ BowlZ and I started trying to form a band, which eventually became Barre Exam. Barre Exam was always competitive in nature, but went from "playing for fun and entering scores" to "playing to win and breaking records" somewhere around the time the first scorehero Full Band League started.

Partly due to Barre Exam and the full band league, I became interested in full-band pathing, and developed a pathing routine that made me quite possibly the most effective band pather on scorehero (although it's hard to meaningfully prove who was really the best at pathing between the band pathing elite, such as raunch99, Piso and me).

Rock Band 2

In Rock Band 2, I've so far spent the most time on Guitar, like before, but I've also started to work on vocals, going down the list one song at a time. At the time of writing, I'm almost through the second tier.

With the start of season 10 of scorehero's leagues, User_BowlZ BowlZ and I have organized a new band for RB2, called BetterThanYou--v Better Than You --v with User_Blob blob and User_Chidori chidori.

Programming Projects

Well, I can hardly pick up any hobby without ending up programming for it, and Rock Band has been no exception. is the center for all of my public projects, currently consisting of my computer-generated Drum Paths, my Band Pathing Stats and my lists of Star Cutoffs.

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