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Name Dave Robinson
DOB August 24th 1980 (age 32)
Location Newham, London, England
Unanswered Question Why is there a load of grey padding over there?

Kinitawowi's Really Cool Wiki Page

Hi all. I'm Dave.

This is of course a Wiki, so feel free to massacre this page in any way you see fit. Or recommend additions, it's up to you.


Guitar Hero: The Journey Begins

Guitar Hero games owned GH1, GH2, GH80s, GH3, GHA (PS2) - GH3, GHWT, GHM, GHGH, GHVH, GH5, BH, GHWOR (360)
Favourite character Judy Nails
Hyperspeed setting Off - I don't cheat
SP activation style Tilter
Back when I lived in Manchester, I was wandering around HMV when I saw some people playing Guitar Hero (1) on the demonstration PS2. I thought they looked like a bunch of tossers and that the game seemed very silly, and wandered away with my nose in the air like the snooty, cynical shit I am.

Much later, I was wandering around some corner of the Interwebs when I happened across a list of The 20 Greatest Bosses In Video Game History. And, at number 11, Bark At The Moon. Slightly more intrigued, I wandered off to watch the linked YouTube video. After trolling around more videos for a long while, I eventually tripped over a video for a song that I actually knew; specifically, User_SArmstr0ng SArmstr0ng's Take Me Out video. Deciding that 1) it was quite cool and 2) User_SArmstr0ng SArmstr0ng is very funny, I looked a bit more. The final deciding factor was when I found a video of somebody (I've long since lost track of who) FCing Song_GH2_Jessica Jessica, which automatically wins because it's the music for Top Gear.

Around the same time, I was giving serious consideration to buying a console anyway. Through various friends I'd become a bit of a fan of the Final Fantasy series, and I'd already got a load of them for the Game Boy Advance, which I'd bought to address an issue involving group play of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles on a friend's GameCube. (The others - 7 and 9, to press - I'd already completed on a Playstation emulator for my PC.) So I decided to grab a PS2 - they were cheap - and picked up Guitar Hero 1 and 2 while I was at it.

The rest, as they say is history.


GH1 Medium

Guitar Hero (PS2)
Total Score1,926,748

Not spent a huge amount of time on this, unfortunately. I got GH1, went through it on Medium, and that was about it. I haven't put much effort into replaying it for FCs, otherwise it'd look a whole lot healthier than this.

1. Take Me Out - my first ever FC!
2. I Love Rock And Roll
3. I Wanna Be Sedated
4. Thunder Kiss '65
5. Smoke On The Water
6. Killer Queen
7. Stellar
8. More Than A Feeling

Sharp Dressed Man

(probably a whole lot more too, I haven't got all the stats available since I started playing before I thought up my Awesome Excel Spreadsheet (tm)

I've 5*d all of Career, but I'm not submitting scores until I've FCd them.

47 FCs [8]
Play more []

Proudest Moment
Take Me Out FC. My first FC ever, and it took a bit of effort (I blew the last note so many times...)

GH2 Hard

Guitar Hero II (PS2)
Total Score16,884,789

Having done GH1M, I stepped up to this. Let's get this said now; GH2 is awesome. It's the best Guitar Hero by several miles; the songlist is brilliant (Yes We Can notwithstanding) and the difficulty is perfect.

GH2H is where I spend most of my time, mostly because GH2 is so ace.

1. Heart-Shaped Box
2. Cherry Pie
3. Girlfriend
4. Strutter
5. Radium Eyes
6. Parasite
7. Can't You Hear Me Knockin'
8. Search And Destroy
9. Monkey Wrench
10. The New Black
11. Mr. Fix It
12. Less Talk More Rokk (best song in all of Guitar Hero)
13. Elephant Bones
14. Collide
15. Mother
16. Yes We Can
17. Soy Bomb
18. Gemini
19. Red Lottery
20. Shout At The Devil
21. Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight
22. Surrender
23. Them Bones
24. War Pigs
25. Message In A Bottle
26. Last Child
27. X-Stream
28. Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart
29. Madhouse
30. Tattooed Love Boys
31. Who Was In My Room Last Night?
32. Bad Reputation
33. Laughtrack
34. Stop
35. One For The Road
36. Crazy On You

Woman (-4)
Carry On Wayward Son (-6)
Sweet Child O' Mine (overstrum in Solo 2B)
Killing In The Name (-7 and overstrums)
John The Fisherman (overstrum in Bridge C)
Freya (-4)
Rock This Town (about four overstrums. Also a -2 ending choke.)
Jessica (-1)
Laid To Rest (overstrum somewhere around the middle)
YYZ (-3)
Beast And The Harlot (-12)
Raw Dog (-4)
FTK (-3)
Jordan (-8: 98/96/98 A/B/C, plus a random -1 under the final SP. B is the only part I've never FCd even in practice.)
The Light That Blinds (-10)
Trogdor (-2!)

Top 100 [check the statbox]
6* all [Carry Me Home 6.0*, Six 6.4* - unbelievably epic run]
50 FCs [36]
500K Freebird [458,378]

Proudest Moment
War Pigs FC. It put me 42nd on that song for a while, and I'd spent months working on it, so I felt well rewarded. :-) That or the Eyeball - Psychobilly Freakout was the last holdout.

GH1 Expert

Guitar Hero (PS2)
Total Score10,782,934

Blew through this in a bit of a rush between finishing GH2H and the release of GH3, but I've come back occasionally to improve things.

1. I Love Rock And Roll
2. Stellar
3. Hey
4. Even Rats
5. Story Of My Love
6. Behind The Mask
7. Callout
8. Killer Queen
9. Eureka, I've Found Love
10. Unsung
11. Sail Your Ship By

I Wanna Be Sedated (overstrum)
Infected (-2, I think)
More Than A Feeling
Take Me Out
Hey You (-1)
Fat Lip (-1)
Caveman Rejoice

5* Bark At The Moon [5.1*! FUCK YOU OZZY!]
5* all [Cowboys From Hell 5.1*, The Breaking Wheel 4.5*]
15 FCs [11]

Proudest Moment
Passing Bark At The Moon. More than anything else, that was the song that got me into Guitar Hero.

GH3 Expert

Guitar Hero III (PS2)
Total Score19,208,477

Ugh. This game is so, so bad. When they said they were going to pitch the difficulty "somewhere between GH1 and GH2", that shouldn't have meant "between Bark At The Moon and Jordan". Raining Blood is just stupid (Mosh 1 is the most nonsensical thing in the history of nonsensical things), the bullshit fake trills that start Take This Life are a joke and that's before we start ripping it out of Budcat for the absolutely abysmal job they did on this game for the PS2, where Knights Of Cydonia and One are lag central, and practice mode is a waste of time. This was the moment that convinced me that buying World Tour for the PS2 is a non-starter, and when I buy a new console (most likely a 360), I'll be rebuying GH3 for it.

Oh, and the song selection is also poo. The cover of She Bangs The Drums is unforgivable: if you couldn't get Ian Brown's permission, don't bloody bother. Or at least try and get Waterfall instead. Or Made Of Stone. GH1 and 2's bonus tracks worked because they were stuff you hadn't already heard a thousand times and long since become sick of. "RUBY RUBY RUBY RUBY RUUUUUUBAAAAAY!" my arse.

1. Closer
2. Mississippi Queen
3. Metal Heavy Lady
4. Generation Rock
5. Talk Dirty To Me
6. When You Were Young
7. Bulls On Parade
8. Slow Ride
9. Can't Be Saved
10. Miss Murder
11. My Name Is Jonas
12. Lay Down
13. Radio Song
14. Sabotage
15. Reptilia
16. Story Of My Life
17. Even Flow
18. Paranoid

Hit Me With Your Best Shot (-1)
School's Out (-3)
Sunshine Of Your Love (-4)
Barracuda (-3)
Paint It, Black (-2)
Anarchy In The UK (-5)
Holiday In Cambodia (-13 and overstrums - this won't happen unless I can fix the intro. -11 on 360)
Welcome To The Jungle (-7)
Cherub Rock (-7)
Before I Forget (-9 on 360!)
Helicopter (-8)
Down 'N Dirty (-11)
Prayer Of The Refugee (-3)
Ruby (-1)
She Bangs The Drums (-1 and overstrums)

Distant Visitor [√]
El Jefe [-1:Raining Blood 4.2*, One 5.2*]
20 FCs [18]
Persuade my GH-fearing mate to attempt co-op, so I can play the exclusives [got 'em all!]
Learn to tap TTFAF's intro at full speed [√]
...consistently [well, sorta]
Pass TTFAF [√! Finally happened Dec-12-2009]
Pass Take This Life [fuck that intro - although it's a non-issue on the 360]
70 5*s [see the box; Raining Blood 4.2 (stupid Mosh 1), Minus Celsius 4.0 (stupid verses), Nothing For Me Here 4.1 (stupid everything), The Way It Ends 4.3 (stupid bursts), TTL 0.0 (5*d on 360), TTFAF 3.7 (lolno)]

Proudest Moment
Beating Lou. Yeah, it was half an hour of hilarious anticlimax after the brain ache that was Raining Blood which took me SIX FUCKING MONTHS, but it was still awesome.

GH Aerosmith Expert

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (PS2)
Total Score9,782,203

Yeah, okay. I only bought this to provide a distraction while Raining Blood was annoying me. That, and I really wanted She Sells Sanctuary. Besides that, this is really not a good idea for a game at all - one-band things are always dumb, and especially when they're not spectacularly great bands for the game. The Joe Perry battle is a joke. Let's not forget the absolute worst feature of this game, of course; the Joe Perry Fretboard. Seriously, you see that list of Nearlys down there? I'm pretty sure each and every one of the Aerosmith songs would be an FC if I wasn't forced to use that unintelligible load of cack. Give me Judy Nails with a proper black background any time.

1. Draw The Line
2. She Sells Sanctuary
3. Dream Police
4. Dream On

All The Young Dudes (-1)
No Surprize (-7)
Movin' Out (-6)
Complete Control (-1)
Rag Doll (-3)
Hard To Handle (-2)
Sex Type Thing (-5)
Kings And Queens (-5)

10 FCs [4]
Play all songs [√]
Doubleneck [√]

Proudest Moment
Er... not failing anything on the sightread, I guess? Joe Perry took two attempts, but that was about it.

GH3 Easy

Guitar Hero III (PS2)
Total Score191,188

With the news of the imminent release of Guitar Hero: Metallica, one of my Metallica-adoring friends announced her intention to get into the series for her Wii. So, purely in the interest of exploring how the other half are likely to live, I figured it'd be a laugh to play One on easy.

1. One

TTFAF (-2)

None. FCing TTFAF might be funny.

Proudest Moment

GH80s Hard

Guitar Hero: 80s (PS2)
Total Score6,827,281

I'd been after this for a while, but I *refused* to spend 30 on it. Eventually I managed to find it in Entertainment Exchange for 15, which was about the best I could get.

1. I Ran (So Far Away)
2. The Warrior
3. Heat Of The Moment
4. Only A Lad
5. Bathroom Wall
6. Lonely Is The Night
7. Wrathchild
8. Shakin'
9. Turning Japanese
10. Synchronicity II
11. Hold On Loosely

We Got The Beat (-1)
Balls To The Wall (-2)
18 And Life (-3)
Holy Diver (-2)
I Wanna Rock (-3)
What I Like About You (-2)
Ballroom Blitz (-3)
Round And Round (-6)
Ain't Nothin But A Good Time (-5)
Los Angeles (-5)
Caught In A Mosh (-10)

15 FCs [11]
Eyeball on sightread [FAILED - 29/30. FUCK FUCKING CAUGHT IN A FUCKING MOSH - 4.7*]

Proudest Moment
The two sightread FCs, I guess.

GH World Tour Expert

GH World Tour
(Guitar, 360)
Total Score11,875,982

When the job opportunities in Stoke finally ran out, I moved out to London to live with my aunt and uncle. And one of my cousins has a 360, so I could finally buy this.

Haven't spent a lot of time on it yet, so this is mostly just placeholder text. I will say that I've only failed Satch Boogie once, though.

1. Beautiful Disaster
2. The One I Love
3. Nuvole E Lenzuola
4. Hotel California
5. Some Might Say
6. Schism
7. Monsoon
8. Vinternoll2
9. About A Girl (Unplugged)
10. Obstacle 1
11. What I've Done
12. Dammit
13. Shiver
14. Float On

Band On The Run (-1)
You're Gonna Say Yeah! (-1)
Up Around The Bend (-3)
Parabola (-8)
Eye Of The Tiger (-3)
Spiderwebs (-11)
One Way Or Another (-2)
Hey Man, Nice Shot (-2)
Everlong (-3)
American Woman (-2)
Ramblin' Man (-1)
Go Your Own Way (-2)
Aggro (overstrum)
Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) (-1)
Good God (-3)
One Armed Scissor (-4)
Lazy Eye (-5)
Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast (-2)
Pretty Vacant (-6)
Hail To The Freaks (-3)
Hollywood Nights (-2)

5* everything [up to B.Y.O.B.; then it's just Hot For Teacher and Satch Boogie left]
600K Pull Me Under [got 596K on PFO once - 590K is the average]

GH Metallica Expert

Guitar Hero Metallica (360)

Almost entirely ditto, except that I didn't buy this (it's my cousin's). I will say this, though - worst Guitar Hero yet. Yeah, Aerosmith was too easy, but at least it wasn't horribly repetitive.

Beat the game [[√]

GH5 Expert

Guitar Hero 5 (360)

Bought this with World Tour, seeing as the pair plus a guitar and a T-shirt only cost 75.

1. They Say
2. Gamma Ray
3. All Along The Watchtower
4. Sowing Season (Yeah)
5. Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
6. Song 2
7. All The Pretty Faces
8. Ring Of Fire
9. In My Place
10. Hurts So Good
11. Feel Good Inc.
12. Hungry Like The Wolf
13. Kryptonite

Only Happy When It Rains (-3)
Ex-Girlfriend (-5)
Never Miss A Beat (-5)

5* all [-2: Scatterbrain, Down With Everything Die For Nothing]

Future General Goals

Buy a 360 [√]
Buy GH3 for 360 [√]
Buy World Tour [√]
Buy Metallica [√]
Buy Greatest Hits [√]
Buy GH5 [√]
Buy Van Halen [√]
Buy Band Hero [√]
Buy GHWOR [√]
Make this page half-decent []
Fill in every box in my sig image []
Earn enough money to be able to make a donation to ScoreHero []

Wiki Goals

Not many. I'm currently working on redirecting a load of inadvertent Wiki Words (lots of user names have accidentally become wiki links, like HellAshes and ManfredVonKarma; I'm trying to redirect a load of them to where they should be, basically to try and trim down WantedPages).

Interesting Links

Scorehero Achievements Thread
My Youtube Vids (actually not that intersting right now unless you like old Speccy games, in which case you can watch me getting halfway through Alien 8. Also some Geometry Wars coolness.)

Uninteresting Links

My complete CD collection!... link dead (Suggest stuff I might like! I like most music, except rap and country. And stupid metal. Good metal is fine.)

More About Me

Well. I'm a Maths graduate from the University Of Manchester. I started life in Hunstanton, in north-west Norfolk; moved to Manchester for University; stayed there for ten years; then moved to Stoke in May 2008 after a dispute with my landlords. When my housemate finally got fed up with my continued inability to find work sixteen months later (lousy economy), I moved to London in search of better opportunities - also, most of my family is down that way.

I currently work for PC World as a Knowhow Colleague / sorta tech monkey. I want a proper tech monkeying job, but they all need you to be able to learn to drive because everybody outsources their IT nowadays.

I'm a big fan of retrogaming. I was brought up on a ZX Spectrum and further up on an Amstrad CPC 6128 before I ever saw a console. I have lots of emulators for various systems, including a large wodge of MAME. Beyond that, I play Final Fantasy games (I've got several documented rants on why I think FFVII sucked; I prefer X-2 to X; IX is still my favourite), decent RTSs (mostly C&C, although *Craft are generally quite fun too) and old-school FPSs (Wolfenstein, Doom; I can't be arsed with the OMG BROWN and precision pseudo-stealth game sniping stuff that dominates these days - give me a proper rocket launcher or chaingun any day of the week). I also play NetHack, which is an awesome game that everyone should play. It's free. And HARD. Like, really hard.

I enjoy pointless trivia, as anyone who's ever seen me take on any of the various IRC trivia bots will know. :-D (I am apparently banned from at least two of them.) I don't Google; I just watch TV like QI and University Challenge, and read encyclopaedias, and generally soak up needless information like a sponge.

I am 5'11" and fairly skinny. I tend to keep my hair fairly short. I need a shave.

I say arse and not ass.

My user name comes from Red Dwarf, the old British TV series.

Oh, here's some gratuitous top tens. Or it will be once I've finished the list.

Game Album Song Film TV
1 Head Over Heels (ZX Spectrum) U2 - Achtung Baby James - Sit Down Romy And Michele's High School Reunion Red Dwarf
2 Chrono Trigger (SNES) Saint Etienne - Tales From Turnpike House U2 - One Cube The Simpsons
3 Guitar Hero 2 (PS2) James - Whiplash Garbage - Drive You Home Die Hard Buffy The Vampire Slayer
4 Bubble Bobble (Arcade) The Corrs - Talk On Corners R.E.M. - I'll Take The Rain Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Pushing Daisies
5 Need For Speed: Most Wanted (PC) Fatboy Slim - You've Come A Long Way, Baby Mariah Carey - Hero The Incredibles Life On Mars (UK version)

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