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Personal Information

Forum Rank:guitargod.gif
Current Avatar:darthyoda-1.jpg
Joined ScoreHero on:January 21, 2008
ScoreHero ID:153016
Proof Points63
Name: Brian Griffin
Age: 14
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States, North America, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Local Group, Virgo Superclusterr He
Grad: Freshman

Guitar Hero History

I started playing Guitar Hero when my sister got it for her birthday in early July, 2007. I immediately liked the game, and soon my sister and I had a great rivalry going... on easy. After a few days we moved up to medium, until we eventually reached hard. At that my sister stopped improving, while I continued getting better. By the end of August I could pass some of the easier expert songs. I kept playing, getting Guitar Hero 3 and Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80s along the way, and eventually beat Free Bird on expert in early 2008. I discovered ScoreHero in February, immediately started posting scores and joined the forums some time later.

For a long time I was horrible by ScoreHero's high standards, but I gradually improved. By this point I was posting regularly on both ScoreHero and GameFAQs, so I had plenty of competition. By the time I had submitted all of my scores, I had around 19 million on Guitar Hero 3 (the only game I have seriously played for score). After replaying all of the songs, I had around 20.5 million. I raced Southern to 500th on PS2 (at the time this was around 20.5 million. Now it is more like 21.5 million...), which I eventually won. (To my knowledge, Southern is around 700th on PS2, while I would currently be near 150th if I played on the PS2 all the time instead of the Wii.)

After I beat Southern, I had a long stretch of time where I slowly improved, but played noticeably less than before. Somewhere in this time period I finally broke the 22 million point barrier, got my 30th FC and passed Through the Fire and Flames. Since that time I have been playing slightly more often, reached 500th across all systems, 40 FCs and 22.75 million across all games.

My accomplishment timeline:
My FCs
43. Even Flow
42. In the Belly of a Shark
41. Same Old Song and Dance
40. The Seeker
39. I'm in the Band
38. Go That Far
37. Prayer of the Refugee
36. Hier Kommt Alex
35. Before I Forget
34. 3s and 7s
33. Avalanche (Wii)
32. In Love (Wii)
31. Paranoid (Wii)
30. Kool Thing (Wii)
29. The Metal (Wii)
28. Minus Celsius (Wii)
27. Cherub Rock (Wii)
26. Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Wii)
25. Barracuda
24: Rock and Roll All Night
23: Miss Murder
22: Sunshine of Your Love
21: Lay Down
20: Ruby
19: Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll
18. She Bangs the Drums
17. Anarchy in the UK
16: Paint it Black
15. Bulls on Parade
14. Can't be Saved
13: School's Out
12: Radio Song
11. My Name is Jonas
10: Story of my Life
9: Talk Dirty to Me
8. Reptilia
7. Sabotage
6: Mississippi Queen
5. Metal-Heavy Lady
4: Generation Rock
3. Slow Ride
2. Closer
1: When You Were Young


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