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Hi. LUIGI074 here, though in some other places I'm called something different, such as Marioman2K6 on YouTube or Marioman2K8 in some other places.


Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero II

I have 5-starred every song in Guitar Hero II. However, I haven't been keeping track of all my FCs, but I do know for sure that I have FCd Billion Dollar Babies, Radium Eyes, Soy Bomb, Surrender, and a few of the easier songs since I mainly don't really try that hard for FCs. My last 5-star on GHII was Six.

Guitar Hero III

I have five-starred all the songs I have for Guitar Hero III except for Devil Went Down To Georgia. I also got the 20 FC Achievement without glitching it in any way.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

I have five-starred all of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. I don't have many FCs in that game since I don't find the game to be fun anymore.

Guitar Hero: World Tour

For Guitar, I have just recently 5-starred all the songs on sightread. My most recent accomplishment for Guitar was FCing Scream Aim Fire on Guitar in a random Pro Face-Off Match, which was also one of most impressive accomplishments to date. I am also really close on an FC of Prisoner of Society on Guitar as well, only missing on one spot before the solo.

For Vocals, I still need to play through all the songs, and I five-starred everything so far on sightread with the exception of Misery Business. I've also been racking up quite a few top 10 scores and some early first place scores on ScoreHero somehow, which most likely have been beaten by now.

Guitar Hero: On Tour
Guitar Hero: On Tour (DS)
Total Score7,393,520

Rock Band

Rock Band 1

For Rock Band 1, I have gold-starred every song on Guitar except Run To The Hills. There really isn't much to say outside of that. I do have a top 10 score on Brainpower on the PSN leaderboards.

For Drums, I haven't done much since I lack a working drum set right now. I did, however, manage to pass Foreplay/Long Time without using the yellow pad since it didn't function at all, and I have a 100% overhit on I think I'm Paranoid since my drum pad decided to double hit on me.

As for Vocals, I have 40 Rock Band Vocal FCs, missing the ones with difficult talky phrases or squeezes, I Get By, Can't Let Go, Celebrity Skin, and Highway Star. Here are my stats of the scores I currently have in:

Rock Band (Vocals, PS3)
Total Score8,200,235

Rock Band 2

On Guitar, I've 5-starred all the songs on Rock Band 2, and racking up quite a few gold-stars and FCs along the way.

For Vocals, I have quite a few FCs of the songs that I have played through so far. I've also started pathing songs on this game since following and memorizing paths are easier for me to get and memorize than on Guitar. I'm also pretty confident that I can FC all 84 on-disc songs on this game once I figure out One Way Or Another's talkies and Tangled Up In Blue, which I have FCd up to the fifth verse. Here are my current Vocal stats on ScoreHero:

Rock Band 2 (Vocals, 360)
Total Score9,656,898

Finding ScoreHero, Competitiveness

I found ScoreHero on July 15, 2007 after I started becoming stuck to Guitar Hero II on the PS2. I can't exactly remember where I found ScoreHero, though I'm pretty sure it has something to do with YouTube and a bunch of people posting videos of some people playing on Expert, though it's all a blur to me right now. I wasn't very active at ScoreHero initially since I was previously a member of the now defunct NSider community, which was Nintendo's Official Forums. After NSider went down in flames, I pretty much became more active on ScoreHero and YouTube, along with my gradually increasing skill transitioning from Easy to Expert, spending around a day or two trying to beat Hangar 18 for the first time and beating GH2 on Expert and pretty much went on from there. I don't play competitively on Guitar, and I'm semi-competitive on Vocals since pathing and memorizing paths seemed easier for Vocals than Guitar.

Outside GH Stuff

Outside of ScoreHero and Guitar Hero, as I mentioned earlier, I was a member of Nintendo's NSider Forums, which was closed down late September 2007 to revamp the website IIRC. I am also into any game that I find interesting or may be fun to play. I play some Halo 3 occasionally; I'm a Major Grade 2 with a highest skill of 30 since I don't play very many ranked games. I'm also a bit of a Mario fan and a Metroid fan, playing every Metroid game released in the US to date. I was competitive in the Nintendo DS game Metroid Prime Hunters, though I eventually stopped playing due to the large number of cheaters ticking me off and that Nintendo wasn't doing anything to prevent them from playing online as well as the game eventually getting boring. I am also into the Mother series (Earthbound in laymen terms), especially Mother 3, which is the only official game I've played that's not from the United States or in English for that matter prior to the fan translation of the game.

I am also big into computers. I'm currently learning the Java programming language and have learned Visual Basic prior to learning Java. I have also taught myself HTML, and some JavaScript. I am also taking beginning 3D Animation, where one of things I did was make this:

Guitar Hero Cereal! :)  Be gentle, this was the second thing I did in my 3D Animation class.

More to come when I get some more time to work on this, and may make it look better when I learn some more formatting stuff since I haven't done much with HTML in a long time.

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