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LasFas's Wiki Page of Happiness, Sunshine, and Magic!


Table of Contents: Introduction
LasFas's Guitar Hero Story!
- I. The Discovery of Guitar Hero
- II. The Cruise and the Aftermath
- V. The End of Last Generation of Plastic Instrument Gaming
LasFas's Downloadable Content!
LasFas's Music Creations!
LasFas's Epic Lulz of the Week!
- Drums
My Goals!
My Accomplishments!
- My Ultimate FC Count!
- The Race to 50 Rock Band 2 Full Combos!


Hi, I am LasFas. But you might know me as Lasfas.

In real life (It exists?!?!?) I go by: Laius James (Yeah, "ROFL tahts a gay name, nub", I heard the story, It isn't.), with "Face" as my Nickname. (Just for Semantics.)
Laius "Face" James"
Laius "Face"
(Ell)(Eh)(Ess) "Face"
(L)(A)(S) "Face"
Las "Face"
Las "(Fas)"
Las Fas
The Natural Progression of my Username for ScoreHero.

LasFas's Guitar Hero Story!

I. The Discovery of Guitar Hero

So here in Las Vegas, I am walking down a Best Buy aisle, and I see this guitar on the wall, It looks nothing like a real Guitar, but seeing the colorful buttons on this black guitar makes it look approachable, so I do just that, I later found out that the guitar was an Gibson SG. I approached it and looked at the bright screen that the guitar was connected to. The screen showed a list of songs, "War Pigs", "Surrender", "Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart", "Shout at the Devil", "YYZ", as well as 5 others. I, being the Rush fan that I am, say "Sweet! I could Play YYZ on Here!".
I press the Green button that progresses me into a menu, "Easy", "Medium", "Hard", or "Expert". I chose Medium, for I thought I could get the hang of this game before the end of this song. WRONG. I hear the infamous Triangles tap that lead into the Guitar of this Awesome instrumental, but then a Yellow note came flying at me, Faster than I could read it, and following the famous beat: YGYYYGYYYYGYGYYYGYYYY. But my Rock meter was going down, and the score never went up, and out of nowhere the "YOU FAILED!" screen popped up. A kid came up to me and said I needed to press the strum bar on the guitar for the notes to register. I couldn't understand the game, so I parted ways with Plastic Guitars, only for destiny to bring it back to me.

II. The Cruise and the Aftermath.

So I took a cruise to Europe, and on that cruise I see that Guitar again. I say, "NOT AGAIN!!!!!", and

V. The End of Last Generation of Plastic Instrument Gaming

I won a Xbox 360 at a competition in Las Vegas, where KingofTerrors also attended. I knew that he would win the Expert competition, and if I would have gotten 2nd place, I would have Received a $75 Gift card to Best Buy, and winning an Xbox 360 is Much better than winning $75. (Waits for PS3 Fanboys to Attack LasFas). So I dropped out of Expert, and Joined the Hard competition, and I beat everyone's score by 200,000 Points, I must have been the only person who thought of this.

LasFas's Downloadable Content!

My DLC is Always Here
I Also Generally Stream the New DLC with Elilasol, unless I really do not like it. His Stream is Here.

LasFas's Music Creations!

Yes, I can finally write down what I had in my head for three years. My first collection of eight songs were named under an Imaginary Album, "The". Since four years ago, I have recently changed the name of the album to...

Coupons To Imagination
Song Name:Comments:
1. The*Instrumental
2. No!Big Build-up (Pairs with T&T)
3. Trials and TribulationsHOLY GOD INSANITY
4. Eternal and ConstantLongest chain of 8th Notes, 1200 Note streak!
5. ThinkHappiest! :)
6. Never to BeSlowest song of my songs
7. AmpersandFastest & (<-- Irony) 2nd Shortest
8. End*Shortest song on the Album

"You can get a two for one bargain, if you carry Coupons to Imagination."

*Is Now available in GH Tunes on Guitar Hero World Tour. Download these songs to get inside my mind! :)

I will be adding more here, and finishing the Story of my Guitar Hero Life, Soon™.

LasFas's Epic Lulz of the Week!

None ._.

LasFas's Résumé!


(Updated 12/13/08 11:36 PM) I am Pretty good (I won my Xbox at a GH competition), I would love to be Either Guitar, or Bass.

My DLC count it at 222, Unless you include the RB1 Export, then I have 212. A More In-depth look at my Songs are at this link. I am Always willing to download more DLC.

On Guitar Hero my best FC is Stricken/Cult of Personality, I also have FCed 3's and 7's, (Both Versions), got -6/7 on Cliffs of Dover, FCed Joe Perry Guitar Battle, and %100ed Before I Forget.

I Also got 644k Points on TTFAF (HORRIBLE SP), and 744k Points on EWWS. (Ranked Top 30 on XBL)


I'll be your Drummer, if you want.

I haven't uploaded many scores, But I know some of my Drum accomplishments. I


have the ION. (Like that it matters. :) )
I just beat the Endless Setlist 2 Yesterday, 420/420 stars, As of right now, at 9:00 PST Rock Band should upload my Visions score. I got 180k on it, 5 starring it and Top 10 as of now. I also scored 2nd place in the Drum Solo off competiton.

My DLC is Here, it is at 222 Songs, I have Also Imported Rock Band 2. I am always open to buying more, because I have 1990 Microsoft points left, That would put me at 9 more 160 Point songs, which would push me up to 166 songs, or 292 Total songs.

My Goals!

50 Drum Full Combos in Rock Band 2
300 Full Combos on Expert

My Accomplishments!

My Ultimate FC Count

1. Bad Reputation (Drums) (1/4)
2. Conventional Lover (Drums) (1/4)
3. De-Luxe (Drums) (1/4)
4. Hello There (Drums) (1/4)
5. Lump (Drums) (1/4)
6. Come Out and Play (Drums) (1/4)
7. Feel the Pain (Drums) (1/4)
8. Chop Suey (Drums) (1/4)
9. A Jagged Gorgeous Winter (Drums) (1/4)
10. Pinball Wizard (Drums) (1/4)

The Race to 50 Rock Band 2 FC's

My current goal is to reach 50 FC's In Rock Band 2 Drums.
This Is specifically due to a deal saying I could receive about 50 FCs with Blackout4, But the catch is: I don't have 50 FCs Right now. Let the Challenge Begin!
1. Bad Reputation
2. Conventional Lover
3. De-Luxe
4. Hello There
5. Lump
6. Come Out and Play
7. Feel the Pain
8. Chop Suey
9. A Jagged Gorgeous Winter
10. Pinball Wizard

Website Hosting
Website Hosting

The Epic Story of Bob, The Harmonix Employee

(Not to be confused with Honest Bob.)

We can blame All the broken talkies on Bob the HMX employee.

Dan T: "Bob, You are doing "There goes my Gun" from Doolittle"
Bob: "Not the Pixies! SIGH"
Dan T: "Too Bad, You wanted to work at Harmonix"
Bob: "Okay then..."
Bob: "(I'll Secretly not code the talkies, I mean who will know?)"
[Launch Day]
Bob: "...Me"
Dan T: "I gave you a second chance when you charted Next to You, Another chance when you charted Sick, Sick, Sick, and now this?!?"
Dan T: "I Said I would if you would chart Sabotage correctly."
Bob: "But that was a long time ago!"
Dan T: "Well then, I will have to let you go."
Bob: "Well, I Won't finish my work here, then!"
Dan T: "What do you even do around here?"
Bob: "I Find a job at ACTIVISION then!"
*Bob Leaves*
[September 14th 2008]
Dan T: "Rock Band 2 went off without a hit-- WHAT'S WITH ONE WAY OR ANOTHER?!?!?"
[At Activision]
Activison Employer: (We need a vocal system to compete with Rock Ban--) Oh hi!
Bob: "I'll write your Vocal Mechanics system, I Despise Rock Band!"
Activison Employer: "Frank, We got our Vocal Department for Guitar Hero: World Tour!"

And the Rest is History.

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