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Hi, I'm Matthew Offner, better known as LordMathias.

I don't exactly recall the details of my finding ScoreHero, but I completely blame ajanata for it. >_>

I suppose I'm a decent player. 100th overall GH3H, working on GH2H, and if I had a PS2 still, I'd work on GH1H and 80's H. I've beaten each game on expert, earning El Jefe on GH3 and recently, the log on GH2. \m/

As far as Rock Band is concerned, I've beaten expert guitar (top 150), medium drums, and I can't be asked to go back to it to finish some vocals and maybe hard drums at the moment.

I've been in several leagues, never made it past round 2 of the playoffs solo. Myself and ajanata made it to the finals in Season 9 in RB basstar (where Krim and Sully spanked us).

I'm not a member of any full bands, but I have some 2 man band scores entered. The main one is cake, lie, etc. with ajanata, top 10 basstar for on disc and DLC in RB1.

Outside of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, I'm kind of the unofficial ScoreHero Halo 3 leader. JESUSROCKETS, etc. >_>

Outside of ScoreHero, I am a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. Yay.

Obliga-shoutout to Flannel.


I <3 Hashypoo.

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