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MPTG is a user on the GH community ScoreHero.

Welcome to the Wiki of MPTG,here I will tell the story of my GH life.

I wanted to create a table of contents for the Wiki but I do not know how,if anyone can help me with that I would appreciate it.

General Info

Real name: Mor
Last name: Paz
Nickname: MPTG or MPTG123 on youtube
Age: 15
Date Of Birth: 19/12/1994

ScoreHero Info

Joined: 03 Sep 2008

Guitar Hero History

I own a scary collection of GH/RB games but I don't have enough properly working instruments to make a full band XD
I keep getting better overtime yet I still can't pass TTFAF on a regular basis :(

I hope to become a more contributing part of the Scorehero community!

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