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ManfredvonKarma is a user on the popular Guitar Hero website, ScoreHero. For information about the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Character, see Court Records.

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Forum Rank: freebird.gif
Current Avatar: 242yf14.jpg
Joined ScoreHero On: October 30, 2007
Member Number: 107036
Donations: $5
Proofs: 3
Welcome to ManfredvonKarma's Wiki. I'm more or less satisfied with the the way it is currently, and will probably only be making minor changes from here on out. However, I am a perfectionist, so don't be surprised if some sort of massive change takes place between viewings. I'll attempt to keep this page as up-to-date as possible, so you can keep track of all of my mediocre accomplishments, and my laughable goals. Feel free to leave me a comment or send me a PM via ScoreHero. If you need HTML help, please consult my HTML cheat sheet.


Pertinent Information
Guitar Hero Biography
Goals and Aspirations
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Pertinent Information

My Gamercard and Avatar. Name: Anthony
Date of Birth: August 29, 1990
Gamertag: ASic777
Height: 5'11"
Political Affliliation: Moderate
Location: Seton Hall University
Major: History
Skill Level by Instrument:
Instrument Difficulty
Guitar ncz.jpg
Bass qpnnn6.jpg
Expert - Unless I don't feel like dealing with the expert chart
Drums 29vatsl.jpg
Hard - Depends on the Song
Vocals 34gloxw.jpg
Expert - Depends on how well I know the song

Game System(s)
Guitar Hero Playstation 2
Guitar Hero II Playstation 2 and Xbox 360
Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s Playstation 2
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Wii and Xbox 360
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Xbox 360
Guitar Hero: World Tour Xbox 360
Rock Band Xbox 360
Rock Band 2 Xbox 360
AC/DC Live Rock Band Track Pack Xbox 360
Guitar Hero: Metallica Xbox 360
Guitar Hero 5 Xbox 360
The Beatles: Rock Band Xbox 360
Lego Rock Band Xbox 360


Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock: Rock Band: RBN (13): Guitar Hero 5:

Guitar Hero Biography

According to the legends, a wise man appeared in a darkened room. He said, "let there be sound," there was sound. "Let there be light," there was light. "Let there be drums," there was drums. "Let there be Karma," and ManfredvonKarma appeared. With such a dramatic legend surrounding his birth, one would think that ManfredvonKarma would be accomplished in something, but he really isn't.

I picked up Guitar Hero for the first time in 2007. One of my friends had Game_GuitarHeroII Guitar Hero II, and played it all the time, which was very rude because I would go over to his house and have to watch him play. I borrowed the game from him one day and proceeded to suck terribly, failing my way through medium because "no one plays on Easy." I remember playing Song_GH2_PsychobillyFreakout Psychobilly Freakout in front of him, and him saying, "I don't remember sucking that badly when I was on medium." Eventually I moved up to hard, and got absolutely destroyed by Song_GH2_CarryMeHome Carry Me Home. I finally passed it a few weeks before Game_GuitarHeroIIILegendsOfRock Guitar Hero III was released, and pushed through Song_GH2_YYZ YYZ, and all of tier 8 directly afterward with no failures.

I had heard about ScoreHero well before joining, but I never saw the point in joining, as I wasn't very good. I sucked it up, and joined on October 30, 2007 - two days after the release of Game_GuitarHeroIIILegendsOfRock Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, which I had purchased on release day. My failures on Game_GuitarHeroIIILegendsOfRock Guitar Hero III are somewhere between frequent and ever-lasting. Luigi, my cat, who is likely a better drummer than I.Song_GH3_RainingBlood Raining Blood (Hard) took me around 25 tries, and Lou took at least 50 attempts. Oddly enough I didn't even pass the Lou battle at my house. I was over a friend's house and said, "You have to see this - it's impossible." In possibly the most epic coincidence of my life, I passed it right then and there. I haven't been able to get through all of Game_GuitarHeroIIILegendsOfRock GH3 on expert yet (Song_GH3_RainingBlood Raining Blood), but, then again, I haven't tried in months.

I picked up Game_RockBand Rock Band in July of 2008, when I bought my Xbox 360. My friends and I played often, so it was $50 well spent. Surprisingly (maybe not), I'm much better at guitar and bass on Game_RockBand Rock Band. I'm decent on vocals. I've never really put too much time into them, though. I could probably move up to expert if I practiced. I utterly fail at drumming, though. I'm proud to be part of the extremely small fraction of the ScoreHero Community that cannot FC the best song ever made available for the Rock Band platform, Song_RB_CharleneImRightBehindYou Charlene (I'm Right Behind You), on expert drums; I also have a large collection of -1s on expert guitar.

I picked up Game_RockBand2 Rock Band 2 on release day, and played it for hours that day. Then I went back to college, and suffered from withdrawal. This pattern was repeated for a couple weeks, and then a breakthrough was made: I brought my Xbox 360 up to Seton Hall. Of course, I also brought my drums so I could be reminded of how much I absolutely fail at hitting things with sticks. I haven't been bashful about doing vocals, despite the fact that the walls here are mighty thin. Knowing that people can hear me makes me feel like more of a bad ass when I sing songs like Song_RB2_BadToTheBone Bad to the Bone or Song_RB2_AceOfSpades08 Ace of Spades. Luckily for me, my roommate enjoys playing Guitar Hero and Game_RockBand Rock Band, or there probably would have been some awkward "reeltar" vs. "plastar" debates, as he is a self-taught guitarist.

I also picked up Game_GuitarHeroWorldTour Guitar Hero World Tour the day that it was released. I really tried to like it, but I just didn't. The vocals seem unecessarily difficult, and the drum charts are very difficult to read. The character creator was hard to use, and I couldn't read the text that I was entering, so it took me about fifteen minutes to name my character. The songs are fun (especially Song_GHWT_LaBamba La Bamba and Song_GHWT_BeatIt Beat It), I'm just not a fan of the overall package. Like an overdone cravat, the frills are just too much. When I actually started playing Guitar Hero World Tour (i.e. doing to career), rather than letting it collect dust after my initial impression deemed it as being stupid I started to like it. It's still (in my opinion) not as good as Rock Band 2, but judging it solely on the basis of being a guitar-centric game, it's pretty good. I continue to hate doing drums or vocals on it, though.

Speaking of drums, I finally stopped being absolutely horrible at them. There are still a lot of beats that I can't do well [e.g. any prolonged alternating bass pedal, followed by note(s)], but I'm doing pretty well for myself. I can pass quite a few songs on hard (the highest teired one that I did so far was Song_RB2_Spaceman Spaceman), and most of the lower tier songs on expert (special thanks to Harmonix for putting out two easy drum songs in the same week). My main issue is endurance. I cannot deal with having to repeatedly hit the bass pedal (Psycho Killer is a great example of a song that I am unable to deal with).


Characters Commonly Used (Guitar Hero): Rock Band Characters:
Anna Anthony Darius Beau Pre Lyle
de0br.jpg 2vjrfxz.jpg 30szxgm.jpg 286tu0i.jpg
Needed a decent female
subject to change
Needed him as a
selectable character
His outer scars reflect
his inner suffering
ManfredvonKarma Matthew Bellamy Pickles Rick Astley
xanw4n.jpg 30x91tl.jpg 121u053.jpg 2mgqe6a.jpg
Couldn't resist Complete with a mock-up
of his LED Guitar
Doodily doo ding dong
doodily, doodily, doo
Really wish I could give
him a striped shirt

Bandmate pictures thanks to

Goals and Aspirations


List of Accomplishments
Rock Band
  • Endless Setlist 2 + Bladder of Steel Complete - Expert Vocals (4/11/2009)
  • Rock Band 2: Hard Vocals: 84/84 Songs 5-starred with 28 FCs (3/9/2009)
  • 1st One Man Band FC (and probably the only one I'll ever get): Polly! (2/20/2009)
  • Cool For Cats (Hard Vocals) 1st Place! (1/9/2009)
  • 30th vocal FC (hard or higher; no talkies): The Middle (1/8/2009)
  • Beat all of the Impossible Challenges (10/18/2008)
  • Master Exploder (Hard Vocals) FC - No score, because I was in band quick play (10/6/2008)
  • Timmy & the Lords of the Underworld (Hard Guitar) FC - 1st place on Rock Band 2 at the time (10/4/2008)

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
GH Series FC List
Guitar Hero: Metallica
Song Difficulty
1Blood and ThunderVocalsMedium
2War EnsembleVocalsMedium
3The Thing That Should Not BeVocalsMedium
Guitar Hero: World Tour
Song Difficulty
1Eye of the TigerBassExpert
2About a Girl (Unplugged)GuitarExpert
3The One I LoveBassExpert
4Band on the RunBassExpert
Guitar Hero 3
Song Difficulty
2Metal Heavy LadyHard
4My Name is JonasHard
6Bulls on ParadeMedium
7Welcome to the JungleMedium
8Story of My LifeMedium
9Cities on Flame with Rock and RollMedium
11Rock and Roll All NiteMedium
12La GrangeMedium
13The MetalMedium
14Suck My KissMedium
17Cant Be SavedMedium
19Radio SongMedium
20Hit Me With Your Best ShotMedium
21Paint It, BlackMedium
22My Name is JonasMedium
23Cherub RockMedium
24Rock You Like a HurricaneMedium
25Mauvais GarconMedium
26Mississippi QueenMedium
27Cliffs of DoverMedium
29Same Old Song and DanceMedium
31Schools OutMedium
32Holiday in CambodiaMedium
34Sunshine of Your LoveMedium
36Even FlowMedium
37Miss MurderMedium
38The Way It EndsMedium
39Slow RideMedium
40Talk Dirty to MeMedium
41Minus CelsiusMedium
43Generation RockMedium
44In the Belly of a SharkMedium
45Anarchy in the U.K.Medium
46Metal Heavy LadyMedium
47Pride and JoyMedium
48Kool ThingMedium
49When You Were YoungMedium
50Prayer of the RefugeeMedium
51Black SunshineMedium
52Knights of CydoniaMedium
53Before I ForgetMedium
553s & 7sMedium
56I Predict a RiotMedium
57Surfing with the AlienMedium
59For the Love of GodMedium
60Through the Fire and FlamesEasy
61Metal Heavy LadyExpert
Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
Song Difficulty
1We Got the BeatExpert
Guitar Hero 2
Song Difficulty
2Cherry PieMedium
3Heart Shaped BoxHard
4Red LotteryHard
Guitar Hero
Song Difficulty
1Thunder Kiss 65Hard
2I Wanna Be SedatedHard

Credit for these sexy tables goes to User_PiemanLK PiemanLK.

Major Contributions to the Wiki

Less Important Things

Favorite Works of Literature: Favorite Foods: Least Favorite Foods: Favorite Bands: Other Games I Enjoyed: Favorite Quotations: Other Hobbies:

Fun Facts and Trivia

Band Quickplay Matrix

This is a little project of mine designed to determine what the most commonly picked songs are in Band Quick Play. All picks from the people I am randomly paired with are tracked.
Last Updated: 8/5/2009

Play Breakdown: General Facts: Things I Found Interesting:
Note: When I have a larger sample size, which will make my data more relevant, I will be uploading the Excel file to Google Documents so that you may view it in its entirety.

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