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Hey. So yeah, I play Rock Band. I started on rhythm games with Guitar Hero II for the PS2 and later went back to GH1 (boy did I have a lot of fun figuring out the hammer-ons *rolls eyes*). I started on easy, and slowly moved up from gasping in fear at expert Free Bird to where I am now, gold-starring expert Green Grass & High Tides. I'm currently the #9 bassist in Rock Band 2 with 77/84 FC's (plus at least 10 stupid -1 chokes on Shoulder to the Plow), plus 55/58 in RB1 when I was a far inferior player/squeezer. I play the other instruments pretty well, but not quite at world-class caliber; I can 5* Panic Attack on drums (just barely), 5* about anything except for Caprici di Diablo and some Megadeth songs on guitar and GS many other tough songs, and I have 81/84 vox FC's. I've done more than that obviously but that should give you some idea.

I might flesh this out a bit more later, but in the meantime here's MAH YOOTOOBZ:

And my goals:
300 Expert Bass FC's [ ] (190 at last count, plus several not counted)
YYZ, and thus Moving Pictures, Bass FC [X] (YES)
Screaming for Vengeance Album Bass FC [ ] (to go: SfV, YGATC, Fever, Devil's Child; SfV is the only real challenge)
Screaming for Vengeance Album Vocals FC [ ] (to go: everything)
Boston Pack OMB FC [ ] (not sure if I can do this >_>)

Boston OMB FC Progress:
(for simplicity, I'm only listing FC's done specifically for this challenge, not random FC's from ages ago)
More Than a Feeling: G[ ] B[X] D[ ] V[X]
Peace of Mind: G[ ] B[ ] D[ ] V[ ]
Rock and Roll Band: G[ ] B[ ] D[ ] V[ ]
Smokin': G[ ] B[ ] D[ ] V[ ]
Hitch a Ride: G[ ] B[ ] D[ ] V[ ]
Something About You: G[ ] B[ ] D[ ] V[ ]

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