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Maskahu -- Best in Bed, As voted by 4 out of every 5 mothers.

A. The Beginning
B. Ascension to Power
C. The Obligatory Chapter Regarding Penises
D. Who I'd Fight
E. Who I'd Make Sweet, Sweet Love To
F. The Death Cycle (To be added)
G. Fin (To be added)

A. The Beginning

Maskahu was created in 1985 by top scientists in New York City. The night following his creation, the scientists celebrated with much carousing and imbibing of wine and spirits. During this lull in security on Maskahu's holding tank, he escaped the facility via an air duct and began his absorption into society.

B. Ascension to Power

Maskahu found himself in rural Iowa after 21 years of exposure to human culture. It was that time when he encountered the game known on this site as Guitar Hero. Something then sparked inside Maskahu's brain. It urged him to purchase this game. His brain demanded it. Little did he know that the scientists were in fact magical seers who foresaw Guitar Hero's rise to the upper echelons of popularity. Maskahu was bred for his finger dexterity and keen hand-eye coordination.

However, Maskahu still had to start from the beginning, on the Easy difficulty. The trials were arduous, and they were tiring, but he pressed on. He eventually determined he was ready for the Medium difficulty. Trials were somewhat simpler, but the addition of the blue fret was somewhat vexing. Maskahu even dreaded the thought of what the orange fret would do to him. But when he was bored of Medium, he had no choice. He entered the realm of kings, those that use all 5 frets. However, would still take some time to enter the realm of gods, otherwise known as the Expert difficulty. Here is an accurate telling of the sounds heard from his room whilst playing Guitar Hero on Hard:

PLINK! PLONK! PLUNK! Boooooo! Booooo!

Needless to say, it was a challenge. But Maskahu persevered. He eventually bested ALL of the 48 songs on the Hard difficulty. He thought it was time to move up in the world. Maskahu began his wacky adventures in the land of the Experts. What does the future hold for Maskahu? Probably nothing of interest. But you never know...

C. The Obligatory Chapter Regarding Penises

Penises are great. 8=D

D. Who I'd fight

A fuckin' lion

E. Who I'd Make Sweet, Sweet Love to

bjwdestroyer (Coming soon!)
microgamer2v2 (Coming soon!)
rkcr (Coming soon!)
revelus (because dicks.)
emptyset (Coming soon!)
tanked (Coming soon!)
psxfreak101 (Join the club, there's beer in the fridge!)
riyunoa (Coming soon!)
alakaiser (Coming soon!)
brianbam101 (Coming soon!)
Myself (God I'm so sexy)
A fuckin' lion (It may be dangerous, but come on! It's a fuckin' lion!)
ConX98 (awesome job man....AWESOME JOB)
toymachine (because he's a goofy Canadian Jewish boy that can't beat Raining Blood)

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