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Score Hero Name: MasterMo
Xbox LIVE Gamertag: MasterM0
Real Name: Chris
Age: 18
Birthday: May 3rd
Location: Kent State University, Ohio
Joined Score Hero: January 9th, 2007

Guitar Difficulty: Expert
Bass Difficulty: Expert
Vocals Difficulty: Hard/Expert
Drums Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Hiya. I'm MasterMo. I've been playing Guitar Hero games since Guitar Hero II. Working my way up from easy, I've become (in my opinion) a very respectable player. Of course, by Score Hero standards, I'm not an 'amazing' player. But by common people's standards, I'm quite the plastic guitarist.

As I said, I started my career on Guitar Hero II on the PS2. After a few months, when I made my way from easy to expert, I picked up Guitar Hero I and beat that with relative ease. A month before Guitar Hero III was released, I got myself an Xbox 360 (purchased solely with game trade-ins!). I was given Guitar Hero II for the 360 and an Xplorer a week prior to GHIII's release. I picked up GHIII the day it came out and played it heavily for the following two months.

When Rock Band was released, my friend picked up the bundle. I played through all 58 songs in two sittings that night (fun fact: I sprained my middle finger on the second to last song). A month later, I got Rock Band for myself for Christmas, and have been addicted ever since. Picking up DLC from time to time, I eventually got the money together to become a full blown DLC whore, something I still am to this day. Rock Band 2 is in my 360 almost constantly.

Rhythm Games

Currently Own

Guitar Hero II (360)
Guitar Hero III (360)
Guitar Hero Aerosmith (360)
Rock Band 2 (360)
AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack (360)

Previously Owned

Guitar Hero (PS2)
Guitar Hero II (PS2)
Rock Band (360)

Played to Completion (Never Owned)

Guitar Hero; Rocks the 80s
Guitar Hero World Tour (360) (Guitar Career)


Platinum Artist (X-Guitar) - Rock Band
Platinum Artist (X-Guitar) - Rock Band 2
Bladder of Steel Achievement - Rock Band 2
Completed 250-song "Infinite Setlist" (w/ 7 others) - Rock Band, Aug. 16, 2008

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