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My name is Matt, and I'm a 17-year-old high school student in the Philadelphia area. Yes, I could be much more specific here, but I don't especially want everyone I know to see that I've written a bio about myself on a Guitar Hero-related wiki. Actually, I'm having trouble thinking of anything that would be more nerdy than this. Wow.

I've never been a big video game player, but I started playing the Guitar Hero games with the original in the summer of '06 and immediately devoted my life to the plastic guitar, sacrificing all my friends and my athletic ability in hope of one day gaining the much more valuable prize of internet fame.


I am best-known for being absolutely incredible at all of the Guitar Hero games and Rock Band. Actually, I am by far the best Guitar Hero and Rock Band player in the world, according to every person who has ever lived. My name, Matt276, has reached household name status on par with Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. Every young child aspires to one day reach my astounding level of greatness, even though my level of greatness is so high that no other human could ever hope to achieve it.

Latest Accomplishments

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Every Other Accomplishment I've Ever Achieved

Coming soon! Or maybe not soon!

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