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I am Mattiks, Hi.

Who am I?
I r Mattiks a slightly skilled gamer in several settings, such as Halo, Call of Duty 4, and other FPS. But I am well endowed in the Guitar Hero setting. Not the best by any means, but certainly good enough to call "great". I haven't FC'd as many songs nor do I have extremely high scores on most, but I have something. I constantly try to update and make my scores better, doesn't always happen though... [/end life story]

Do I have a life outside of Guitar Hero?
Does anyone have a life outside of guitar hero? Seriously... look at someone of the #1's... I have a life outside of everything, even a life outside my life, it's not much, but I have a possible love in the wings that I am hoping for and lets face it, dieing for. I srsly hate being single... It sucks horribly. Anyway, moar about meh. :D I like to listen to music, love it, I can't stand to not listen to music. I'll listen to pretty much any genre, save for probably blue grass or mountain music.

Mattiks' Stardate

I stayed home today and got about 5 achievements on Halo 3, thats about it, end of story.

I went to school, came home, did nothing, end of day.

I went to school, did nothing, came home, did more nothing, sleep.

What I've Done!!!! (- sings -)

  • Beat Through The Fire And Flames (First time: 282k.)

FC List
Guitar Hero 3 (360)
1. Sabotage
2. Dream On (DLC) X
3. Radio Song X
4. Story Of My Life X
5. Mississippi Queen X
6. Sunshine Of Your Love X
7. Bulls On Parade X
8. When You Were Young X
9. My Name Is Jonas X
10. Ruby X
11. Schools Out X
12. Talk Dirty To Me X
13. Even Flow X
14. Slow Ride X
15. Metal Heavy Lady X
16. Closer X
17. Avalancha X
18. Generation Rock X

Guitar Hero 2 (?)
1. N/A. (Coming when I decide to pop in GHII)

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