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Guitar Legend
Mazzocchi in Rock Band 1

Basic Information

Name: Mazzocchi
Birthday: October 17th, 1988 (Age 20)
Joined ScoreHero: January 25th, 2007
User ID: 9645
Current Residency: Farmingdale, NY
Height: 5'6" Page: Mazzocchis Profile
IRL ScoreHero Friends: Sk8er4ever714, Bobbeh, vFA1NTv.

Contact Information

AIM: CM Mazzlow
XBL Gamertag: Mazzocchi
MSN Messenger:

Mazzocchis GamerCard


Hey, I'm Mazzocchi and I'm decently good at Guitar Hero. In a discussion with a fellow SHer, I've determined I'm probably one of the best GHers on Long Island, New York.
I'm not a 1337 player yet though :(

Skill Level

Guitar Platinum Expert
Bass Platinum Expert
Drums Hard
Vocals Expert


[ ] 5 Star Every Song In GH:WT on Expert Guitar. (All 5'd Except Satch Boogie)
[ ] FC Trapped Under Ice on Expert Guitar.
[ ] Break top 100 on the Rock Band 2 Solo Expert Guitar rankings at SH.

YouTube Page

I get all the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games early and put videos on my YouTube page. (Along with other GH Videos, and one or two stupid videos for my girlfriend.)

Guitar Hero III FCs

38) Top Gun Anthem
37) Stockholm Syndrome
36) Exo-Politics
35) Photograph (Live)
35) 3's & 7's
34) Nine Lives
33) Carcinogen Crush
32) Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll
31) Minus Celsius
30) Welcome to the Jungle
29) Paint It Black
28) Even Flow
27) Peace Of Mind
26) Jukebox Hero
25) Paranoid
24) Dream On
23) Slow Ride
22) Lay Down
21) School's Out
20) Avalancha
19) Barracuda
18) Hit Me With Your Best Shot
17) Miss Murder
16) Anarchy in the U.K.
15) Talk Dirty to Me
14) Sunshine of Your Love
13) Tina
12) Messages
11) Can't Be Saved
10) Metal Heavy Lady
9) Radio Song
8) Reptilia
7) Sabotage
6) Mississippi Queen
5) Bulls on Parade
4) My Name is Jonas
3) Story of My Life
2) Closer
1) When You Were Young

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