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Where to find me online on the internet and in online games

On the 'Net
My YouTube Channel
My best friend's YouTube Channel
My Facebook page
My Guitar Hero Community account
My ScoreHero Profile including my scores

Wii Friend Codes
Wii System: 0932-1790-7796-3517
Guitar Hero Metallica: 3137-2573-7086
Guitar Hero World Tour: 4425-7518-7381
Rock Band 2: 4968-5987-5635
Guitar Hero 3: 1933-9049-9298
Guitar Hero Aerosmith: 0688-6761-8891
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 1203-9119-2924
Mario Kart Wii: 2879-0005-0398
Dr. Mario Online Rx: 7132-9813-5081
Tetris Party: 2922-2208-5105

Shoot me a message on ScoreHero, YouTube, the Guitar Hero Community, or wherever if you add any of my codes, so I can add yours back.

I also have an Xbox Live account (MetalSmasher86), but I don't have my own Xbox 360 yet. I registered on my roommate's 360 last year and now I have my profile saved on a memory unit so I can take it with me to my college game room or my best friend's house or wherever. So if you see me online on Live, I'm in one of those two places.

About me

My name is Chris, but iamnotchris4life (bad joke, I know). You may know me better on ScoreHero, the Guitar Hero Community, YouTube, and pretty much everywhere else I go as MetalSmasher86. Where did that name come from, you ask? I absolutely love metal music (don't ask me which style of metal I like best, I listen to it all), and when I let a friend of mine listen to one of my CDs, he said it pumped him up so much it made him want to smash stuff, and I was born in 1986.

How I met my best friend through Guitar Hero

It was my first semester at my new college, Spring 2007, and I was on the final tier on Expert in Guitar Hero 2. Hangar 18 and Freebird were the only things standing between me and total victory. A couple weeks later I finally beat them both and celebrated my victory. Later on, the following week, my roommate's friend tells me his roommate wants to take me on in Guitar Hero. It turns out he had just recently beaten it on Expert too. I figured it would be a good match, so I went over and we dueled. We did a best-of-7 series on Expert Pro Face-Off, and we basically traded blows back and forth. It went down to game 7, and he just edged me out on Freebird. Thus marked the beginning of a rockin' friendship. Later on, there was a Guitar Hero 2 tournament going on at our college, so we figured we would be perfect to win. So we trained together and we ended up finishing 1-2 in the tournament. After that we just started hanging out more and more and it snowballed into an even better friendship than before. Today I consider him my best friend. We've both come a LONG way since we first met, but we're still pretty much neck-and-neck in the Guitar Hero department.

Current Expert 100%s

GH1 (9, but who cares because of the broken HO/POs?)
I Love Rock & Roll
I Wanna Be Sedated
Higher Ground
Caveman Rejoice
Even Rats
Farewell Myth

GH2 (32)
Shout At the Devil
Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight
Heart Shaped Box
Message In a Bottle
Monkey Wrench
Cherry Pie
Who Was In My Room Last Night?
Can't You Hear Me Knockin'
John the Fisherman
Last Child
Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart
Laid To Rest
Raw Dog
Less Talk More Rokk
Mr. Fix It
The New Black
One For The Road
Radium Eyes
Red Lottery
Soy Bomb
Yes We Can
Possum Kingdom (Game Crazy)
Salvation (Game Crazy)
Billion Dollar Babies (Game Crazy)

GH80s (11)
We Got The Beat
I Ran (So Far Away)
Balls to the Wall
18 and Life
Heat of the Moment
Turning Japanese
The Warrior
Only A Lad
Lonely Is the Night
Bathroom Wall

GH3 (50)
Slow Ride
Talk Dirty To Me
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Story of My Life
Mississippi Queen
School's Out
Sunshine of Your Love
Bulls on Parade
When You Were Young
Miss Murder
Lay Down
Paint It Black
Anarchy in the U.K.
Kool Thing
My Name Is Jonas
Even Flow
Same Old Song and Dance
La Grange
Welcome to the Jungle
Black Magic Woman
Cherub Rock
The Metal
Pride and Joy
Before I Forget
3's & 7's
Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll
Helicopter (100% with one overstrum)
In the Belly of a Shark
Can't Be Saved
Down 'N Dirty
Generation Rock
Go That Far
Hier Kommt Alex
I'm In the Band (100% with one overstrum)
In Love
Metal Heavy Lady
Minus Celsius
My Curse (100% with a couple overstrums in a Star Power section)
Nothing For Me Here
Prayer of the Refugee
Radio Song
She Bangs the Drums

GHA (33)
Dream Police
All the Young Dudes
Make It
Uncle Salty
Draw the Line
I Hate Myself For Loving You
All Day and All of the Night
No Surprize
Movin' Out
Sweet Emotion
Complete Control
Personality Crisis
Livin' on the Edge
Rag Doll
She Sells Sanctuary
King of Rock
Nobody's Fault
Bright Light Fright
Hard to Handle
Always on the Run
Dream On
Cat Scratch Fever
Sex Type Thing
Mama Kin
Toys in the Attic
Kings and Queens
Let the Music Do the Talking
Shakin' My Cage
Talk Talkin'
Pandora's Box
Joe Perry Guitar Battle (PFO)

GHWT Guitar (55)
Livin' on a Prayer
About A Girl
Mountain Song
Beautiful Disaster
Obstacle 1
The One I Love
Some Might Say
What I've Done
Band on the Run
You're Gonna Say Yeah!
Up Around the Bend
The Joker
Freak On a Leash
Misery Business
Hotel California
Eye of the Tiger
One Way or Another
Hey Man, Nice Shot
American Woman
Ramblin' Man
Go Your Own Way
Kick Out the Jams
On the Road Again
Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)
Good God
One Armed Scissor
The Kill
Lazy Eye
Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
Float On
Nuvole E Lenzuola
Pretty Vacant
Are You Gonna Go My Way
Escuela De Calor
The Wind Cries Mary
Toy Boy (1 overstrum)
Hail to the Freaks
Hollywood Nights
Our Truth
Re-Education Through Labor
La Bamba
Love Spreads
Weapon of Choice

Other Accomplishments
GHWT-Hey Man Nice Shot bass FC
GHWT-Parabola Bass FC
GHWT-Overkill Top 10 (Wii)
GHWT-Prisoner of Society -6
GHWT-Are You Gonna Go My Way Co-op FC
GH3-Helicopter Rhythm section -1
GH3-Cliffs of Dover 300k
GHA-Train Kept A Rollin' -8

Guitar Hero Goals

[X] Expert Guitar God (5* every song + bonus tracks)

[X] 30 Expert FCs
[X] Expert Guitar God
[X] 19 Million total score

[X] 10 FCs
[] FC Police Truck
[X] 5* every song

[] Expert Guitar God (only Through the Fire and Flames remains)
[X] 23 Million total score
[] 14 Million Career score
[] 50 FCs (47 + 3 Non-FC 100%s)
[] 6* Raining Blood
[] FC Stricken
[] FC Black Sunshine

[X] 30 FCs
[X] FC Joe Perry Guitar Battle

[X] 5* Satch Boogie
[X] 5* every song on Guitar
[X] 5* every song on Bass
[] Create a custom song and upload it to GHTunes

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