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How I Got Into Guitar Hero & Rock Band

Sometime in late 2007 I was introduced to Guitar Hero by one of my friends. I then got Guitar Hero 2 and the White SG (which I still use today) for Christmas that same year. For about the next 8 months, I played that, moving from Easy to Medium within the first couple months of playing. In July 2007, I discovered ScoreHero, and started using it to track my medium scores. In August, I found a Guitar Hero tournament at an arcade near the house I was staying at during vacation. It was a tournament where you played one Guitar Hero 3 song (Medium and Expert were the two difficulties you could play), and the top 3 scores in each difficulty won a prize. I entered, and I won the Medium contest, getting 181,755 on 3's & 7's, which was my sightread. I won a Guitar Hero T-Shirt, and that was when I got hooked into the game. A few days after I got back home, I got Rock Band, and immediately starting playing drums, failing Blitzkrieg Bop on Easy sightread. Eventually I got better, and now I am at Medium Drums, transitioning into Hard. On the Guitar side, after the vacation, I started playing on Hard, which is where I am today. I play Expert occasionally, but I'm nowhere near good, so I play on Hard.

Guitar Hero & Rock Band Information

Guitar Hero:
Guitar Used: White SG (PS2)
Games Owned:
Guitar Hero 1,
Guitar Hero 2 (PS2),
Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
Guitar Hero 3 (PS2)
Guitar Hero Aerosmith (PS2)
Guitar Hero World Tour (PS2)
Difficulty of Choice: Hard

Rock Band
Instruments Played/Difficulty of Choice:
Drums (Medium/Hard)
Guitar (Expert)
Bass (Expert)
Games Owned:
Rock Band 1 (PS2)
Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1 (PS2)
AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack (PS2)
Rock Band Track Pack 2 (PS2)
Guitar/Drum Set Used: Stock Rock Band 1 Drums, White SG

Guitar Hero Goals

All Games
Enter Scores for all songs []
20 FCs []
30 FCs []
40 FCs []
50 FCs []

Guitar Hero World Tour
10 FCs []
15 FCs []
Finish Hard Guitar Career []

Guitar Hero Aerosmith
5 FCs []
10 FCs []
15 FCs []

Guitar Hero 3
Beat Lou on Hard [] (Probably never gonna happen)
10 FCs []
15 FCs []

Guitar Hero 80s
FC Balls to the Wall [] (-1)
5 FCs []

Guitar Hero 2
5* Setlist []
5 FCs []

Guitar Hero 1
5 FCs []
10 FCs []

Rock Band Goals

5 XGuitar FCs []
10 FCs []
15 FCs []
40 Gold Stars []
50 Gold Stars []
60 Gold Stars []
Rock Band 2
Beat World Tour mode on XGuitar []
Beat All Songs on XGuitar []
Gold Star a Difficult Song []

Misc. Favorites

Favorite Guitar Hero and Rock Band Songs:
GH1: I Wanna Be Sedated/Ace of Spades/Iron Man
GH2: Freebird/Monkey Wrench/Killing in the Name
GH80s: I Wanna Rock/Bang Your Head/Police Truck
GH3: Bulls on Parade/Welcome to the Jungle/Rock You Like A Hurricane
GHA: Walk This Way/Walk This Way (Run DMC)
GHWT: Everlong/Crazy Train/No Sleep Till Brooklyn
RB1: Enter Sandman/Paranoid/Sabotage/Should I Stay Or Should I Go
RBTP1: Teenage Lobotomy/Move Along/All The Small Things
RBACDC: Back in Black/Highway to Hell/Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
RBTP2: Indestructible/Afterlife/Message in a Bottle
RB2: Drain You/Down With The Sickness/Lump/Come Out And Play

Favorite Bands: Green Day, Disturbed, AC/DC, Metallica, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, Foo Fighters
Favorite Video Games (other than GH/RB): Grand Theft Auto 3, Mercenaries 2, Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, Burnout Legends
Favorite Sports Teams: NY Giants, NY Jets, NJ Nets, NY Mets

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