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Location-New Jersey

Introduction Era:

I started with Guitar Hero 1 after my friend introduced it to me during my birthday party in 2005. We played it and I instantly got hooked. I bought the game and played through medium and all but 4 songs on hard. I rented Guitar Hero 2 after it came out, played a few songs on Easy to advance, and returned the game without much of a thought.

ScoreHero Era:

I had a habit of getting a bit too into games, looking up stuff on the internet and joining websites that I would stay on for about a week. However, when I joined ScoreHero, there was something different about it. I joined on June 30th, 2007, about a day after Riz made his final post. I started barely four-starring songs on hard, but quickly jumped to the point where I was five-starring songs on expert.


I bought GH3 and Rock Band. I advanced greatly in both games, 5* almost every single song and beating expert on every instrument in Rock Band. I now have Rock Band 2 and plan on getting Guitar Hero World Tour. I can beat virtually any song and 5* the majority of drum and guitar songs. I have around 50 cross-game FCs. I got GHWT and beat every song on sightread. However, I didn't 5* BYOB, HfT, or Satch, but I went back later and 5* BYOB. As of December 29 I have 87 total GH/RB Expert FCs, 90 including my 3 Vox FCs.


On June 30th, 2009, I only have 157 Expert FCs and no Optimal. I got 44 FCs in a single week, however, and consider that a great accomplishment. My current goals(no time limit this time) are to 5* Raining Blood, GS 83 RB2 songs(No Visions), and get a lot more FCs. With FCs such as Man in a Box being my 29th RB2 FC, and The Metal being my 14th or 15th FC, I am fairly confident I can get many more.

Guitar: Xplorer
Drums: RB1 Stock
Vocals: Rock Band 1 Mic

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