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I am a complete WikiNoob and have no idea how to make one of these fancy little pages, but someday I'll take the time to figure it out. (maybe)

But until I figure out how to make my page stylish, I'll just write out some basic info about me.

Name: Nathan Yount
Age: 16
Location: La Verne, California (I guess you could say like 30-40 miles or so east of LA)
Gamertag: Teh Natorade
YouTube: Natorade

I guess I'll take a wack at making little sections...

This section will probably bore you, but go ahead and read it if you want. I'm a junior at Bonita High School. I would say I'm a pretty good student. Last year I averaged a 4.25 GPA (and I passed the AP World History test, woot). My favorite subjects in school are probably math and science. I'm currently taking AP Calculus AB and AP Physics. The rest of my schedule includes English III, Spanish III, and Drawing & Mixed Media (only because I need art credits to graduate). As for college, I think I'm leaning towards Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, or maybe some other CSU, not really sure yet.

Guitar Hero:
Well I was first introduced to Guitar Hero at my friends house. I started off failing songs on medium, yet still loved the game, so I got it myself. That was in August '07, Guitar Hero 2 being the game I bought. I ended up playing it a ton, beating expert, and then buying Guitar Hero 3 a week or so after it came out. Since then, I have now 5-starred every song in every Guitar Hero game, except for like 3 songs in Guitar Hero I (man, I suck at that game). And I'm pretty pumped for GH: World Tour next week. As for Rock Band, I never really got into it. I've just borrowed the first one from my friend, beat Expert guitar, and never touched it again. However, I'll probably end up getting Rock Band 2 after I get bored of GH: World Tour, maybe for Christmas or something.

I first joined in November '07, shortly after I got Guitar Hero 3. I actually don't even remember how I found the site, but originally I just joined to post my scores. I didn't even really see/post in the forums until like 2 months later. But now, I really don't even post scores anymore, mainly because I can't even beat my current scores. But when I get GH: World Tour, I'll probably start posting scores again. In the forums, I've really started posting less, mainly because I just feel like I never have anything to say anymore, but I still post every now and then.

Other Video Games:
Call of Duty 4 is probably my main game other than Guitar Hero. I used to be into Halo 3, until I realized how much more I like Call of Duty. In CoD, I'm currently 8th prestige, slowly making my way to 10th. I'm actually starting to get kind of bored of the game though, so I'm pretty much just trying to get to 10th as fast as I can, so I can be finished with the game for a while and just stick with CoD5 (when it comes out) for the most part.

I'll add more to everything later.

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