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^ The coolest Naruto character ever!


GHIII; Wii Expert - 12th; All Expert - 63rd

GHA; Wii Expert - 25th; All Expert - 127th


Misc. Notable accomplishments: Fast Solo A Slower FC, The Way it Ends Solo 1-2 FC.


Game # of FCs Next/Close FC
Last FC GH3 66
The Way it Ends Cult of Personality GHA
26 N/A Toys in the Attic


Song Score Rank (Wii) Rank (All) FC Status
Slow Ride 221,586 22nd 188th Yes
Talk Dirty to Me 344,843 39th 249th Yes
Hit Me With Your Best Shot 208,936 24th 135th Yes
Story of My Life 461,290 15th 107th Yes
Rock and Roll All Nite 136,030 19th 116th Yes

YouTube Page:

Personal Info:
Favorite Band: Dream Theater
Favorite Songs (more than one): The Glass Prison, Lines in the Sand, The Human Equation (I consider it one big song :P), possibly Stairway to Heaven
Favorite Music Genre: Any Progressive
Favorite Song to Play in GH: Number of the Beast
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Sport: Tennis
Favorite Instrument to Play: Violin (specifically electric violins)
Instruments I Want to Learn: Electric Bass and Cello
Favorite Anime: Naruto
Favorite Anime Character: Neji (duh)
Favorite Academic Subject: Math (specifically algebra)

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by User_NejiHyuuga777 NejiHyuuga777

I'll probably add more later :).

Last Edited October 18, 2008

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