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About Nikki

Nikki Slash
Age: 23
Location: S Carlos, Brazil
Occupation: University Student
Favourite GH: Guitar Hero III
I'm a 23 years old university student from Brazil who simply love games ^_^
I like being challenged, so although I play every genre possible, fighting and rhythm games are my favourites. Both require a lot of practice and dedication, not to say "Rivalry". So, after I started playing Guitar Hero II back on August/07, sooner or later I'd find Scorehero... and I was amazed by how many serious people were there. I only registered and started to post after the Guitar Hero III release though, when playing with a Dualshock became more friendly.

Currently I'm playing on the guitar controller, but I've just started with it. I was a Dualshock player back then, being the first to FC "Impulse" on Dualshock and reach 50 (and now 52 =P) FCs. I also like to help every player who decides to give Dualshock a try, since it's hard to find tips for it, so I'm trying to help with the wiki page for it (you can find it here!), and I'm always recording screen and hands video, available on my You Tube account.
My Accomplishment thread is still filled with my Dualshock accomplishments list, which I'll try to follow with the guitar ^^

Guitar Hero History

Guitar Hero III (PS2)
Total Score22,606,212
I started playing this game just as "one more rhythm game", playing Game_GuitarHeroII Guitar Hero II with a Dualshock, and the soundtrack attracted me, it had some really good songs, even if they were just covers. But I was really surprised by the timing window - playing Bemani games for too long, hitting notes really off the timing made me wonder if Guitar Hero could be a good game skill-wise. Also, the too fast parts that required alt-strumming wasn't fun at all to play on a Dualshock.
So, it was really "just another game" that wouldn't last too much on my PS2 game library. Even Game_GuitarHeroEncoreRocksthe80s Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80's didn't attract me.

Then, Game_GuitarHeroIIILegendsOfRock Guitar Hero III was released and I decided to give the game another try.
As most Dualshock players, I got stuck on Song_GH3_HolidayInCambodia Holiday in Cambodia because it had that damn Intro. When I finally got past it, the second Dualshock nightmare haunted me: Song_GH3_KnightsOfCydonia Knights of Cydonia. At that point, I went down to Georgia to Hard, and beat Lou there, but I wasn't satisfied. It annoys me when I finally like a game and can't beat it.I finally found a few posts on Scorehero regarding standard controllers, and a brief comment about how to do alt-strumming on a Dualshock. That started changing my mind towards Guitar Hero, because now I was able to hit those damn parts!

Beating Knights of Cydonia, eventually the game was finally over, beating the last tier and Lou... or not? There still are a lot of bonus songs... an the biggest "WTF" ever named Song_GH3_ThroughTheFireAndFlames Through the Fire and Flames. I still don't know why, but one day when I was looking at the Intro I hold the Green button. And I saw the Green notes playing. I didn't know Hammer-Ons Pull-offs were possible on a Dualshock!! I was staring at the tv, speechless... adding the alt-strumming possibility, that took my comprehension of Guitar Hero III to a whole new level!
So, along with the Dualshock community on Scorehero, I started my accomplishment thread, and we've been trying to show what a Dualshock is capable of since then!

But last month, something unexpected happened: I got a guitar! o_O
It was a present from my girlfriend, Lívia, and I was speechless when I got it! I felt that happiness of learning the game once more, having to learn fingering, strumming, hands position and everything all over again... XD
I'm blesed for having such a girlfriend, and the least I can do to retribute is to play the guitar to the limit of my skills... so the Dualshock will rest in peace ^^
(=currently playing dualshock again because my whammy bar wasn't working and I had to call warranty T_T=)

I'm more around Game_GuitarHeroIIILegendsOfRock Guitar Hero III because, as you can see above, it's the one that there are techniques to overcome the Dualshock difficulty. I know Game_GuitarHeroI Guitar Hero I and Game_GuitarHeroII Guitar Hero II are great games, but it's not for me. I have too much trouble with the overlapping timing windows, where my double-fingering to alt-strum is useless because of its speed variation, and missing a single note in a tight solo makes you lose the entire solo because it feels like the timing window is gone... it only raises my frustration.
So, if you want to say I'm one of the lolgh3 players, feel free to do it XD; I just should add that it has nothing to do with timing windows or infinite HOPO window... it's the Guitar Hero II that is so hostile with Dualshock players >_>

Some Dualshock accomplishments

Future FC List

Future goals

Favourite Games

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
It's one of the most equilibrated fighting games developed so far, with a complex engine to master, anime-style graphics and a great rock-style soundtrack! Nothing much to be said besides that, if you like fighting games you have to try this one!

Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary
You know what to do. Gather four pieces of the same color, and you attack the opponent. How could this be so fun? With its different modes, the Fever system and the possibility of up to 8 players at the same time, Puyo Puyo shows how to do it! This version gather gameplays from every past Puyo Puyo, plus some new bizarre modes and a nice How to Play. Everyone should try this at least once!

Devil May Cry 4
The controls of this game is what makes me so attracted to this game (and its predecessor, DMC3). The character executes exactly what you want, and you are free to do almost everything in the way you want it. With the exaggerated style from the characters and the nonsense from the cutscenes for some laughs, add some nice graphics and a great replay value, and you get it why I put this game here.

Beatmania IIDX Series
As I said, I love rhythm games. This one has nice songs, besides the fact a good portion of it is oriented towards japanese liking and eletronic music (it's a DJ simulator after all). It uses a 7-key DJ-like keyboard with a scratch disc as a controller and it has a nice learning curve, although the difficulty level is really tough, making it quite a challenge for everyone, from beginners to pros.

What is "Nikki"?

Miki and Nikki
This nickname came after a long time thinking about what name would I put in my Bard on Ragnarok Online. I'm horrible to decide a name, so I figured I'd use one from some RPG I played. The chosen one was Chrono Cross, since there's a musician there as a playable character. His name was Slash on the japanese version, but it was changed to Nikki on the north-american version. I chosed both, and was using the nickname of Nikki_Slash, but I knew it wasn't going to last. After a while, I was already known as only Nikki, and this nickname stuck into me.
Usually, on the internet, I'm still known as SLeon (a short for Squall Leonhart - yes, Final Fantasy VIII), but this nickname is being less and less used, as I'm adopting Nikki as a better nickname for me.
And, besides what it may looks like, no, I'm not a girl! I thought I should add that here since I was mistaken by a girl several times on forums with this nickname. Well, I guess I have noone to blame but me ^^'

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