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About Me: PhillyPride88

Hi everyone! My name is Brian, or as I am known around Scorehero, PhillyPride88. I'm a 21 years young (oh yeah I went there), and currently reside in New York. I am an author (but should probably say a writer until I am published). I have been playing video games since I was a wee little tot, back on the Atari o.O I have a Playstation3 that I enjoy playing quite a bit.

Rock Band 1/2

Except for Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band was the first ever rhythm game that I have owned. My brother Steven owned it for a little while, and I went over to his house to play it one day. It was safe to say that I was addicted right from the start. I played guitar initially, but switched to drums once I owned the game for myself. I have never really had any musical training in my lifetime, except for the stuff that you learn in school growing up, however, I have found myself naturally able to play the drums for RB pretty easily. I have recently learned how to play the guitar/bass in game, and since the the singing isn't too hard, I am able to play any instrument that I want to.

I have all of the DLC in the game (sans the recent country pack and any other pack that will come out before it is released in the PSN store). Interesting story, I might not have been such a DLC whore except that my previous PSN ( new one has an _ at the end of it) was stolen. Being that you can't completely take someone's account away from them, I was able to download everything that person bought on my account, which happened to be a bunch of crap and RB DLC. Then, with the remaining money that he had on my account that couldn't be refunded, I bought the rest of the songs that were available at the time. From there, it just turned into me having every song, which I do not regret at all.

I have been in two bands for this game (still in one currently, but we are taking a break while I deal with awesome real life stuff), Platinum Resurrection and Chasing Theatrics. PR was just a mix of some of the more unknown underrated PS3 players out there. CT is a mix of myself, obsolete316, wesker-kun, and shizz96 (who replaced MissFourEyes). We are already high ranked and have over 100 first place scores, so it would be wonderful to get together after I'm all settled and tear things back up.


Drums are my main instrument for this game. I use an Ion kit with stock everything. I am currently ranked 5th overall on all songs across the platforms at the time of writing this wiki. I started playing drums back on RB1 and was working myself towards 200 gold stars by the time that RB2 came out. I can't really remember if I got there or not, but I remembered how excited I used to be when I got one.

Nowadays, I am over 350 full combos and close to 600 gold stars (there are around 750 songs at the time of me writing this). I wouldn't say that I am a great drummer, just consistent on the songs that I should be. I'm pretty good at natural sticking rolls with songs like I Get By being easy for me. However, I would say that I'm weak on triple kick songs like Cuz U R Next. I have plenty of room to improve, and if I can find that next level I will be able to get many many more FCs. Lower you can see what songs I have FCed on drums


Probably my weakest of the instruments, I still really enjoy playing the guitar and bass. I use a Rock Band 2 strat and love it. I guess my best accomplishment that I can brag about is that I have an ability to pass almost all of the hard songs (Thrasher and Caprici still waiting for that magical run). I am not good by any means, but I have managed to pass Constant Motion, Afterlife, and many other of the crazy solo songs. Right near the end of RB1 I was getting good enough to pass all of the setlist except for Green Grass and High Tides.

Now, I'm currently going through all of my songs on both instruments. I am nowhere near done, so I can't really project where I am going to be accurately, but I'm thinking that I can get around 200-250 guitar FCs and 350-400 bass FCs. That remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure and that is that I have plenty of room left to improve, which makes me excited for the future. Lower you can see what songs I have FCed on guitar/bass


I'm guessing this is the easiest instrument for me. I wouldn't say it's my best because while I can get an FC on vocals, sometimes it can take a whole hour or more just for one. I don't have anything amazing FCed yet, but I know in the future that I might be able to get some. I'm much better at hitting the low phrases than the high ones, but I have started to learn how to approach the higher ones. The Pearl Jam songs are starting to get easier as I can get my voice to hit his Woos! I didn't actually sing at all on Rock Band 1 mainly because well...I sucked at it.

Now, just like the guitar and bass, I am going through the setlist to play every song that I own. I think you can see how much of a task this is going to be. I'm at over 100 FCs right now with only about 100 some odd songs sung. I think I will be able to FC MOST of the songs out there, not all but most. Lower you can see what songs I have FCed on vocals.

Full Combos

I'm going to do my FC list a little differently than everyone. I am just going to list every song that is out there and put what instrument I have FCed it on. As time goes on, I will have well more FCs than songs that are out there, so this will actually keep my page just a tiny bit smaller. There will be a running total down at the bottom where you can see how many OMBs and individual instrument FCs that I have. Also, I will not have my songs listed in chronological order since I'm doing it alphabetically...sorry.

Eye of the Tiger: Bass|Drums
My Own Worst Enemy: Bass|Drums|Vocals
I Was Wrong: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #1)
So What'cha Want: Guitar|Bass|Drums
E-Pro: Bass|Drums
Hungry Like the Wolf: Bass|Vocals
Pretend We're Dead: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #2)
Rebel Girl: Bass|Drums
Nine in the Afternoon: Bass|Drums
Float On: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #3)
Drain You: Bass|Drums|Vocals
PDA: Bass|Drums

Man in the Box: Bass|Drums|Vocals
Cool for Cats: Bass|Drums|Vocals
Hello There: Bass|Drums|Vocals
Today: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #4)
That's What You Get: Bass|Drums
Spirit in the Sky: Bass|Drums|Vocals
We Got the Beat: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #52)
New Kid in School: Bass|Drums
Feel the Pain: Drums
Pump It Up: Bass|Drums
One Step Closer: Bass|Drums
Welcome to the Neighborhood:

White Wedding (Part I): Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #5)
Psycho Killer: Bass|Drums
Lump: Drums|Vocals
Conventional Lover: Drums
De-Luxe: Bass|Drums
Shooting Star: Drums
Give It Away: Drums
The Middle: Bass|Drums|Vocals
American Woman: Bass
Livin' on a Prayer: Guitar|Bass|Drums
One Way or Another: Bass
A Jagged Gorgeous Winter: Bass

Go Your Own Way: Bass|Drums
Kids in America: Bass
Girl's Not Grey:
Lazy Eye: Bass|Drums|Vocals
Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Seperated): Bass|Drums|Vocals
Mountain Song: Bass|Drums
Where'd You Go?: Bass
Alex Chilton: Bass
Rock'n Me:
Tangled Up in Blue: Bass|Drums
Alive: Bass
Round and Round: Bass|Drums

You Oughta Know: Guitar|Drums
Alabama Getaway: Bass|Drums
Testify: Bass
Supreme Girl: Bass
Pinball Wizard: Bass
Our Truth: Bass|Drums
Uncontrollable Urge:
Bad Reputation: Drums
Night Lies: Drums
Any Way You Want It: Bass|Drums
Teenage Riot: Bass
Shackler's Revenge: Drums

Let There Be Rock: Bass|Drums
The Trees (Vault Edition): Bass
Aqualung: Bass
Down With the Sickness: Bass|Drums
Chop Suey:
Everlong: Bass
Master Exploder:
Give It All:
Carry on Wayward Son: Drums
Rob the Prez-O-Dent:
Spoonman: Drums
Ace of Spades '08:

Almost Easy: Drums
Ramblin' Man:
Get Clean: Drums
Peace Sells:
Colony of Birchmen:
Souls of Black:
Bodhisattva: Vocals
Shoulder to the Plow: Vocals
Visions: Vocals
Panic Attack:

29 Fingers: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #6)
Are You Gonna Be My Girl: Bass|Vocals
Ballroom Blitz: Vocals
Black Hole Sun: Vocals
Blitzkrieg Bop: Bass|Drums|Vocals
Blood Doll: Bass|Drums|Vocals
Brainpower: Bass|Drums|Vocals
Can't Let Go: Vocals
Celebrity Skin: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #7)
Cherub Rock: Bass|Drums|Vocals
Creep: Bass|Drums|Vocals

Dani California: Vocals
Day Late, Dollar Short: Vocals
Dead on Arrival: Drums|Vocals
Detroit Rock City: Vocals
(Don't Fear) The Reaper: Vocals
Electric Version: Vocals
Epic: Drums|Vocals
Flirtin' With Disaster: Vocals
Foreplay/Long Time:
Gimme Shelter: Drums
Go With the Flow: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #8)

Green Grass and High Tides:
Here It Goes Again: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #9)
Highway Star: Vocals
I Get By: Drums
I Think I'm Paranoid: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #10)
I'm So Sick: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #11)
In Bloom: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #12)
Learn to Fly: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #13)
Main Offender: Drums|Vocals
Maps: Bass|Vocals
Mississippi Queen: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #14)

Next to You: Vocals
Nightmare: Drums|Vocals
Orange Crush: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #15)
Outside: Vocals
Pleasure (Pleasure): Vocals
Reptilia: Drums
Sabotage: Guitar|Drums|Vocals
Say It Ain't So:
Seven: Drums
Should I Stay or Should I Go: Bass|Drums|Vocals
Suffragette City: Bass|Drums|Vocals

The Hand That Feeds: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #16)
Time We Had: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #17)
Timmy & The Lords of the Underworld: Vocals
Tom Sawyer:
Train Kept a Rollin': Vocals
Vasoline: Drums|Vocals
Wanted Dead or Alive: Vocals
Wave of Mutilation: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #18)
Welcome Home:
When You Were Young: Guitar|Bass|Vocals
Won't Get Fooled Again: Vocals

Thunderstruck (Live): Drums
Shoot to Thrill (Live): Drums
Back in Black (Live): Drums
Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be (Live): Drums
Heatseeker (Live):
Fire Your Guns (Live):
Jailbreak (Live):
The Jack (Live): Drums
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Live): Drums
Moneytalks (Live): Drums
Hells Bells (Live): Drums
High Voltage (Live): Drums
Whole Lotta Rosie (Live):
You Shook Me All Night Long (Live): Guitar|Drums
T.N.T. (Live): Drums
Let There Be Rock (Live):
Highway to Hell (Live): Drums
For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) (Live):

(Funky) Sex Farm: Vocals
(Listen To) Flower People (Reggae Stylee):
(Take These) Chains:
...And Justice for All:
100,000 Years (Live):
2 Minutes to Midnight: Vocals
21 Guns: Drums|Vocals
21st Century Digital Boy: Vocals
3 Dimes Down: Drums
3's & 7's: Drums|Vocals

A Clean Shot: Drums|Vocals
A Favor House Atlantic: Drums
A Town Called Malice:
Aces High (Live):
Action: Drums
Aesthetics of Hate: Vocals
Alive (Live: Drop in the Park):
All Going Out Together: Drums
All I Want: Vocals
All Mixed Up: Drums
All My Life:
All Over Again: Drums
All Right Now:
All the Small Things: Drums|Vocals
All the Things That Go to Make Heaven and Earth:
Alone in My Head: Drums|Vocals
Amazing Journey: Guitar|Vocals
And She Was:
Any Man of Mine:
Apache Rose Peacock: Drums
Are You Dead Yet?: Vocals
Are You Gonna Go My Way: Drums|Vocals
Ashes to Fire:
Attack: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #19)

Baba O'Riley:
Back From the Dead:
Bad Luck: Drums|Vocals
Bad Omen:
Bad to the Bone: Drums
Bandages: Drums|Vocals
Bang a Gong: Drums|Vocals
Bat Country:
Bathwater: Guitar|Bass|Drums
Beer for My Horses: Drums
Beethoven's C*n*:
Beetlebum: Drums
Behind Blue Eyes:
Big Bottom:
Billion Dollar Babies:
Black Friday:
Black Magic:
Black Sunshine:
Blinded by Fear: Vocals
Blood Sugar Sex Magik:
Bloodstone: Drums
Blue Christmas: Drums
Blue Collar Man (Long Nights):
Blue Morning, Blue Day: Vocals
Blue Sky:
Body I Occupy:
Bounce: Drums
Brass in Pocket: Drums|Vocals
Break My Heart: Drums
Breaking the Girl: Vocals
Breed: Drums|Vocals
Bring Me to Life: Drums|Vocals
Buddy Holly: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #19)
Bullets & Guns: Guitar|Bass|Drums
Burn You Down: Drums
Bye Bye Love: Drums

C'mon C'mon: Drums|Vocals
California Uber Alles:
Call Me: Drums
Call Me When You're Sober: Drums|Vocals
Calling Dr. Love:
Can I Play With Madness:
Can't Let Go: Drums
Can't Stand Losing You: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #20)
Can't Stop Rockin':
Capital G:
Caprici di Diablo:
Casey Jones: Vocals
Catcher in the Rye:
Charlene (I'm Right Behind You): Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #21)
Cheeseburger in Paradise: Vocals
Cherry Bomb: Drums
Chest Fever (Live):
China Cat Sunflower:
Chinese Democracy: Drums
Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You: Drums
Claudette: Drums
Clint Eastwood:
Closer: Drums|Vocals
Closer to the Heart:
Clouds Over California: Vocals
Cold Rain & Snow:
Complete Control: Guitar|Drums|Vocals
Conquer All: Vocals
Constant Motion:
Countdown to Insanity: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #22)
Cowboy Song (Live):
Crackity Jones: Drums
Crawl: Drums
Crazy Tuesday:
Cream & Bastards Rise: Drums
Creepin' Up the Backstairs:
Critical Acclaim: Vocals
Crosseyed & Painless:
Crushcrushcrush: Drums|Vocals
Cry Lonely:
Cups & Cakes: Drums|Vocals
Cuz U R Next:

D.O.A.: Vocals
Damnation Game: Vocals
Database Corrupted: Guitar|Bass|Drums
Date With the Night: Vocals
Dead: Drums|Vocals
Debaser: Vocals
Desperate Times, Desperate Measures:
Deuce (Live):
Devil's Child: Drums
Devil's Island:
Die, All Right!: Drums|Vocals
Dirty Little Secret: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #23)
Dirty Pool:
Disposable Teens: Drums
Dissident Aggressor (Live):
Do You Want To:
DOA: Drums|Vocals
Doin' That Rag:
Doll: Drums|Vocals
Don't Cha Stop: Drums
Don't Ease Me In:
Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away):
Don't Look Back in Anger: Drums|Vocals
Don't Make Me Wait:
Don't Speak: Drums|Vocals
Don't Stop:
Don't Stop Believing: Drums
Don't Tell Me:
Down: Drums|Vocals
Down at the Whisky:
Dr. Feelgood: Drums
Drain the Blood:
Dreamin': Drums
Dune Buggy: Drums

East Jesus Nowhere: Vocals
Eat Me Alive (Live):
El Scorcho:
Electric Crown:
Embedded: Vocals
Eminence Front: Drums
Empire of the Gun:
Enough Space:
Entangled: Drums
Even Flow: Drums
Ever Fallen in Love:
Excuse Me Mr.:

Face Down in the Dirt: Vocals
Fear of the Dark (Live):
Feather Pluckn:
February Stars: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #24)
Feed the Tree: Drums
Feel Good Inc:
Feeling This:
Feels Like the First Time: Drums|Vocals
Fever: Drums
Fire On the Mountain: Drums
Fortunate Son: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #25)
Franklin's Tower: Drums
Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go): Vocals
Freedom Train: Drums
Funk #49:
Funky Monks:
Futures: Drums|Vocals

Garden: Vocals
Geraldine: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #26)
Get It On:
Get Up (Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine (Pt 1): Drums|Vocals
Get Your Rock On:
Gimme Some Money: Drums
Gimme Three Steps: Drums|Vocals
Girl U Want: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #27)
Girlfriend is Better:
Girls on Film:
Girls Who Play Guitar: Drums
Give It to Me: Drums
Going Mobile:
Going Underground:
Gone (Crooked X):
Gone (Montgomery Gentry):
Gone Away: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #28)
Good Mourning/Black Friday:
Good Time:
Good Times Roll: Drums
Gouge Away: Drums
Guerrilla Radio:
Gunpowder & Lead: Drums

Had a Dad: Drums
Hallowed By Thy Name (Live):
Hammer Smashed Face: Vocals
Hammerhead: Vocals
Hands Down: Vocals
Hang You From the Heavens:
Hanging on the Telephone: Drums
Hanukkah Blessings:
Hard to Handle: Drums|Vocals
Hay Poco Rock N Roll: Drums
Headphones On: Drums
Heartbreaker: Drums|Vocals
Heavy Duty:
Hell Hole:
Hell in a Bucket:
Hella Good:
Here Comes Your Man: Drums
Heroes: Drums
Hey: Drums
Hey Baby:
Hey John, What's Your Name Again?:
Hey, Johnny Park!:
Hier Kommt Alex: Drums|Vocals
Hillbilly Deluxe: Drums
Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Drums|Vocals
Hitch a Road:
Holiday in Cambodia:
Hong Kong Garden: Drums|Vocals
How Do You Like Me Now: Drums
Hymn 43:
Hysteria: Drums|Vocals

I Ain't Superstitious:
I Bleed: Drums
I Can't Keep My Eyes Off You:
I Could Have Lied: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #29)
I Didn't Say I Was Powerful, I Said I Was a Wizard:
I Don't Care: Drums
I Don't Want to Go to School: Drums
I Fought the Law: Bass|Drums
I Know Where You Came From: Drums|Vocals
I Love This Bar: Drums
I Need a Miracle: Drums
I Predict a Riot:
I Stand Alone: Drums
I Told You So:
I Wanna Be Your Man: Vocals
I Won't Back Down:
I'll Stick Around:
I'm Cryin': Drums
I'm Eighteen:
I'm Gone, I'm Going: Vocals
I'm in Touch With Your World: Drums
I'm Shipping Up to Boston:
I.R.S.: Drums
I.V.: Vocals
Idealistic Types:
Idiots Rule:
If I Ain't Got You: Drums
If the World: Drums|Vocals
If You Have to Ask: Drums
Image of the Invisible:
In Dreams:
Indestructible: Drums|Vocals
Inside Out:
Inside the Fire: Drums|Vocals
Interstate Love Song: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #30)
Iron Maiden (Live):
It Hurts:
It's My Life: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #31)

Jailbreak (Live)(Thin Lizzy):
Jane Says: Drums
Jesus Christ Pose:
Joker & The Thief: Drums
Juke Box Hero:
Junkies for Fame:
Just a Girl: Drums|Vocals
Just What I Needed: Drums

Kickstart My Heart: Drums
Kids Don't Follow:
Kiss Them for Me: Drums|Vocals
Know Your Enemy: Drums|Vocals
Kool Thing:

La La Love You: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #32)
Laid to Rest: Vocals
Last: Drums
Last One to Die: Drums
Last Resort: Drums|Vocals
Last Train to Clarksville:
Leaving Here:
Lenny: Drums
Let Love Rule: Drums
Liar (It Takes One to Know One):
Life is Beautiful: Drums
Lifeline: Drums|Vocals
Like a Fool: Drums
Limelight (Original Version):
Linger: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #33)
Little of Your Time: Drums
Little Sister: Vocals
Live Forever: Drums|Vocals
Livin' at the Corner of Dude & Catastrophe:
Lonely As You:
Losing My Religion: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #34)
Lounge Act: Drums|Vocals
Love Spreads:
Love Struck Baby: Drums
Lucid Dreams: Drums
Lucky Denver Mint: Drums|Vocals

Madagascar: Drums
Magic Bus (Live at Leeds):
Magnetic Baby: Drums
Makes Me Wonder: Drums
Manu Chao: Drums|Vocals
March of the Pigs: Drums
Margaritaville: Drums|Vocals
Mary Had a Little Lamb: Drums
Master/Slave: Guitar|Drums
Me and My Gang:
Mean Woman Blues: Drums
Melatonin: Drums
Mellowship Slinky in B Major: Drums
Message in a Bottle:
Midnight Rider:
Molly's Chambers: Drums
Monkey Gone to Heaven: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #35)
Monkey Wrench: Drums|Vocals
Monsoon: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #57)
Mony Mony:
Moonage Daydream: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #36)
More Human Than Human: Vocals
More Than a Feeling: Bass|Drums
Move Along: Drums|Vocals
Moving in Stereo: Drums
Moving to Seattle: Drums|Vocals
Mr. Brightside: Bass|Drums|Vocals
Mr. Cab Driver: Drums
Mr. Grieves: Drums
Mud on the Tires: Drums
My Best Friend's Girl: Drums
My Curse: Vocals
My Generation (Live at Leeds):
My Hero: Drums|Vocals
My Iron Lung: Drums
My Last Words:
My Lovely Man:
My Name is Jonas: Drums
My Old School:
My Poor Brain: Drums
My Sharona: Vocals

Naked Eye: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #58)
Naked in the Rain:
Natural Disaster: Drums
Nearly Lost You:
New Slang: Drums
New Wave:
New Way Home:
No Hassle Night:
No Rain:
No Regrets:
No. 13 Baby: Drums

Ocean Size: Vocals
Oceans: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #37)
Oh, Pretty Woman: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #38)
On a Plain: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #39)
On the Road Again:
Once: Drums
Once in a Lifetime:
One of THOSE Nights:
Ooby Dooby:
Out Here All Night:

Pain and Pleasure: Drums
Parasite (Live):
Peace of Mind: Bass|Drums
People Got a Lot of Nerve: Drums
Perfect Insanity: Vocals
Perfekte Welle: Drums
Pick Up the Pieces: Drums
Piece of My Heart:
Pig's in Zen:
Poison: Drums
Police Truck:
Polly: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #40)
Pork and Beans: Drums
Prayer of the Refugee:
Precious: Drums
Prequel to the Sequel:
Pretty Fly (For a White Guy): Drums|Vocals
Pretty in Pink: Drums
Pretty Noose:
Pride and Joy: Drums
Promised Land:
Prophecy (Live):
Prostitute: Vocals
Push It: Drums|Vocals

Radio Radio:
Rattlesnake Shake:
Re-Education (Through Labor):
Ready, Set, Go: Guitar|Bass|Drums
Real Good Looking Boy:
Real World: Drums
Rebel Yell:
Red Barchetta:
Red Devil: Vocals
Red Tandy:
Reinventing Your Exit:
Release: Drums
Renegade: Vocals
Rescue Me:
Riad N' the Bedouins:
Ride the Lightning:
Riding on the Wind:
Riding the Storm Out: Drums|Vocals
Ring of Fire: Drums|Vocals
Roam: Drums
Rock 'N' Roll Creation:
Rock 'N' Roll Dream: Drums
Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare: Drums
Rock 'N' Roll Star: Drums
Rock and Roll Band: Bass|Drums
Rock Rebellion:
Rockaway Beach: Drums|Vocals
Roll With the Changes: Vocals
Roxanne: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #41)
Ruby Soho: Drums
Rude Mood:
Run to the Hills (Original Version):
Runnin' Down a Dream:
Runnin' Wild: Drums
Running: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #42)

Saints of Los Angeles: Drums|Vocals
Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.):
Satellite Radio: Vocals
Saucy Jack:
School's Out:
Scraped: Drums
Screaming for Vengeance:
Sea and Sand:
See You:
Self Esteem: Drums|Vocals
Sex on Fire:
Sex Type Thing: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #43)
She Does:
She Goes Down: Drums
She Sells Sanctuary: Drums
She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy:
She's a Genius:
She's a Handsome Woman: Vocals
She's a Hottie: Drums
She's Country:
She's Fetching: Drums
She's Not There: Vocals
Shimmer & Shine:
Shining Star: Drums
Shockwave: Vocals
Shoot the Runner: Drums|Vocals
Should've Been a Cowboy: Drums
Sick, Sick, Sick: Drums|Vocals
Silver: Drums
Simple Kind of Life:
Simple Man: Drums
Sin Wagon: Vocals
Sir Psycho Sexy: Drums
Skullcrusher Mountain: Drums|Vocals
Slice of Your Pie:
Smile Like You Mean It: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #44)
Smokin': Drums
Smooth Criminal:
Snow ((Hey Oh)): Drums
Something About You: Drums
Something in the Way: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #45)
Song With a Mission: Drums
Sons and Daughters:
Sorrow: Vocals
Space Cowboy:
Space Truckin':
Spaceman: Guitar|Bass
Spiderwebs: Drums
Standing in the Shower...Thinking: Drums
State of Love and Trust (Live: Drop in the Park):
Stay Away: Vocals
Steady at the Wheel: Drums
Sticky Sweet: Drums
Still Alive: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #46)
Stop Start Again: Drums|Vocals
Stop!: Drums|Vocals
Story of My Life: Drums
Street of Dreams:
Stricken: Drums|Vocals
Stupify: Drums|Vocals
Suck My Kiss:
Suds in the Bucket:
Sugar Magnolia: Drums
Summertime Blues (Live at Leeds):
Summertime Rolls: Drums
Sunday Morning: Drums
Supersonic (Live):
Swamped: Drums
Sweet Leaf:
Sweet Talk: Drums
Sweetness: Drums|Vocals
Sweetness & Light:
Synchronicity II: Drums

Take Back the City: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #56)
Take It on the Run: Drums|Vocals
Take Me Out: Drums
Take Me to the River:
Take the Money and Run: Drums|Vocals
Tame: Drums
Ted, Just Admit It...
Teenage Lobotomy: Drums|Vocals
Tell Her No:
Tell Me: Drums
Tell Me Baby: Vocals
Tempted: Drums
Ten Speed (Of God's Blood and Burial): Drums
Territorial Pissings: Vocals
Testify (DLC): Drums
Texas Flood: Drums
Thank You Boys:
That is How I Escaped My Certain Fate:
That's When I Reached for My Revolver:
The Banishment:
The Best Day Ever: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #55)
The Boys are Back in Town (Live):
The Camera Eye:
The Clairvoyant:
The Collector: Drums|Vocals
The Conjuring:
The Downfall of Us All: Drums
The Feeling: Vocals
The Flood:
The Gambler:
The Great Satan:
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived: Drums
The Greeting Song:
The Hellion/Electric Eye: Drums
The Joker: Drums|Vocals
The Kids Aren't Alright: Vocals
The Kill: Drums
The Killing Jar: Drums
The Number of the Beast: Drums
The Number of the Beast (Original Version): Drums
The Perfect Drug:
The Power of Equality: Drums
The Righteous and the Wicked:
The Rock Show:
The Running Free: Drums
The Time is Wrong: Drums
The Trooper:
The Way That It Shows:
There Goes My Gun: Drums
There Was a Time:
There's No Other Way:
They Say: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #47)
They're Red:
This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race: Drums
This Calling:
This I Love: Drums|Vocals
This Is a Call:
This Is Exile: Vocals
This Is It: Drums
This One's for the Girls:
Thrash Unreal: Drums
Through Being Cool: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #54)
Time Bomb: Drums
Time Bomb (Live):
Time for Change:
Time Is Running Out: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #48)
Time-Sick Son of a Grizzly Bear: Drums|Vocals
Times Like These: Vocals
Tom Sawyer (Original Version):
Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight:
Too My Time on My Hands: Drums
Train in Vain (Stand By Me): Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #49)
Treat Me Like Your Mother:
Troublemaker: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #50)
Truckin': Drums
Truth Hits Everybody: Drums
Tutto E' Possible: Drums
Two Weeks:

Uncle John's Band:
Under My Wheels:
Under the Bridge: Drums
Underneath It All:
Undone-The Sweater Song: Drums
Up in Arms:
Up the Beach: Drums
Use It:
Use Me: Drums|Vocals

Vengeance is Mine:
Vital Signs:
Volcano: Vocals

Wake Up Call: Drums
Wake Up Dead:
Waking the Demon:
Walking After You: Drums
War Pigs:
War Zone: Drums|Vocals
Warmer Than Hell:
Warriors of Time:
Wasted Again: Drums
Wasted Years:
We Care a Lot: Vocals
Weapon of Choice: Drums
Weight of the World: Drums|Vocals
Well Thought Out Twinkles:
What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse: Vocals
What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost?
Where's Gary?:
White Rabbit:
Who Are You:
Who's Going Home With You Tonight?: Drums
Who's Your Daddy?:
Why Do You Love Me:
Why Go: Drums
Wilson (Live):
Wind Me Up:
Wind Up:
Witch Hunt (Part III of Fear):
Without You: Drums
Wolf Like Me:
Wonderwall: Drums|Vocals
Working Man:
Working Man (Vault Edition):
World Turning:

Yomp: Drums
You Got It: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #51)
You're All I've Got Tonight: Drums
You're No Rock N Roll Fun: Drums
You've Got Another Thing Coming: Drums
Young: Guitar|Bass|Drums|Vocals (OMB #53)
Young Man Blues (Live at Leeds):
Younger Bums: Drums

Zero: Drums

Guitar Full Combos: 72
Bass Full Combos: 124
Drum Full Combos: 403
Vocal Full Combos: 243
One Man Band Full Combos: 58

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