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Hey! I'm Rayze15, and I'm one of the few black players on scorehero.

First Steps

I began playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band around the time GH3 came out. Until then I hadn't even heard of the game until my friend brought GH3 over one day. I was so bad I couldn't pass anything on any difficulty; but the game seemed fun, so I went out and brought it for my birthday. The same day I brought Rock Band solely because I heard it was supposed to be "the greatest party game ever made." I brought both home and almost instantly got addicted. I quickly moved up to the expert difficulty, although there were still songs that I had trouble with (the obvious ones X( ). I never really imagined me being good at this game, but the day I passed Through The Fire and Flames on hard I actually began to believe that I might end up getting pretty good.
The same can be said about Rock Band when I finally passed Green Grass and High Tides on Expert Guitar and passed the Expert Drum Career for the first time.


As of today, I am an experienced player in both Rock Band and Guitar Hero. I just recently began to go for FCs, so that count and those scores are very unimpressive, since I am very prone to choking while trying to squeeze during songs (a technique that I also just recently learned about) I have a lot of drum, guitar, and bass FCs on both Rock Band and Guitar Hero 2 & 3 for the medium and hard levels, but for personal purposes I only put my Expert FCs up on scorehero (though that may change soon). I also have a very bad video camera, which is why I can't post either pictures or videos of my accomplishments (which WILL change soon). I am the best player in my area; which isn't saying much, but good competition is fairly hard to find in the Metro-Atlanta area, so if u live anywhere near College Park or Jonesbro, hit me up.

As for Rock Band, my drum scores are getting pretty impressive, and I'm getting pretty consistent; though squeezing is still a pain for me. My Rock Band guitar scores are also improving, despite my horrible controller (the Fender Strat for PS3 >_<). I have yet to purchase Rock Band 2 for PS3, but I will as soon as possible. No Rock Band scores are up on scorehero because I haven't turned that game on since i got GH:WT :).

Recent News

11/1/2008 - Got GH:WT!! FCed the 1st 6 songs on guitar, but really just worried about unlocking everything first :)
Total Accomplishments


- these will be updated as I get them.......just trying to start small :)

* indicates without DLC

30 GH3 X FC's or 100%'s [27/30]
30 GH2 X FC's or 100%'s [ ]
100 RB Drum GS's [ ]
*20 RB X Guitar FC's [10/20]
*30 RB guitar GS's [20/30]
*20 GH:WT X Guitar FC's [5/20]

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