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About Me

i'm Zach and I am 15 from Pennsylvania. I play Guitar Hero and Rock Band and I am pretty beastly. I am In High School and I have a lot of time to play on Xbox Live. I have been playin GH since 2006 and I got good fast. I frequently upload youtube videos and I feel i have achieved a lot. I have great live friends, Here are some of my best friends: Pantherdude34, Necronaeyru, Sophrosyne, Wicked Waffles, Deadweight20, KrazieLadiez, Rycecube, OMGCHEZMIX, Elite UE, textRJUCPU and Nisscab. If U want to play just message me.


What games do you play?-Gears of War 2, COD4, All Music Games.
What Game will you most likely be playing?-Gears Of War 2.
Can i add you on Live?-If im not full u can try but i most likely will decline.
I Love Bullet For My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold.
  1. I Play Gears Of War 2 alot with my Friends
  2. I play real guitar
  3. I am extremely good at pushing people to their boiling point within 5 minutes.
  4. I am Known for my Bat Country Custom in GHWT(video)

Origin Of Gamertag

I used to play SOCOM FTB2 for the PSP and my name was Razor so I incorperated that with Guitar Hero and added a GH which now stands for Gears Hoe(Gears of War).


Places to find me


USTREAM- I can be found playing with friends like ELITE UE

Pinkpixy(Necronaeyru) and I doing Almost Easy

Prequel To The Sequel With MephistoJak and Sophrosyne

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