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General Information

Revelus, also known as Revelulz, Rev, and probably numerous other related names.

GH1 fanatic. Beginning to join the ranks of #scorehero's resident Hard players. Speaking of that, I currently hold the 1st place ranking on GH1H, but probably not for much longer. Those "resident Hard players" I was speaking of, among others, are getting to work.

Rock Band Expert Guitarist, Bassist, and Drummer. I can do Expert Vocals on some songs, but I don't enjoy it very much, so I mostly stick to Hard. I'm very rarely available for Band Quickplay online since I often am busy working on my Solo scores. Don't be offended if I don't respond to your invites. If you successfully band up with me, I have nearly all the DLC. (missing about five songs or so last time I checked) Enjoy.

My highest amount of skill resides in Guitar, but I've moved on to Drums at this point. I don't enjoy playing Guitar as much as I used to in Rock Band.

Even though I don't talk much in #scorehero, I'm nearly always around, unless my nick denotes me doing something or being away. Feel free to talk to me about stuff.


I don't really have any goals right now, competitive play has really dropped for me as a priority. I still really enjoy playing the rhythm games and uploading scores, though.

Lies! I do have one goal... get 750k on a song in GH3 without downloading Death Magnetic. Current high: 723k, on Operation Ground and Pound.

Links / Miscellaneous

I'm a staff member of dho's website, Visit if you're interested in a social networking site.

YouTube videos:

I'm in the Custom Song scene now. Check out my customs here:

That's about it. Thanks for reading my page.

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