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This is my response to the state of scorehero threads that pop up every few months, it's probably better off here then anywhere else. It's all opinion and it is a very strong one, i mean no harm by anything i post.

The state of Scorehero!

Code Green: Good to go!

Everyone is bummed because scorehero is not what it used to be, the same thing has happened with guitar hero, but let my tell you some truth that probably will never dawn on you. It's not the website, the users, the sigs, the games, the mods, the intelligence, the post counts, locked threads, or anything else. It's you. I used to subscribe to the feelings that i see a lot of other people have about scorehero but no more. Surely I cannot deny that scorehero has changed. Of course it changes, everything changes over time to at least some degree. The thing that has changed is the sense of appreciation and awe that has all but died out. Scorehero is still the same humble forums that it was when i joined. We have a greater number of users then ever and because of that, scorehero has certainly lost the indie feeling that it had. GH2 had this feeling and scorehero matched it perfectly. That explains the so called "golden age". It all just worked so well and everyone loved it and wanted more and more and more. But soon enough people stopped contributing for the right reasons.

It's as if scorehero's users are depressed all at once. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Back when ES, Krimson, Hellashes, Priest, and Lo7 were gods among us players many people strived to be as good as them, and many have by far surpassed them. Chris, and Phenom come to mind first, but these are not the only good players on the forums. People who have gotten good are not receiving the recognition they would have gotten. Last time i checked, Jordan has been FC'd 26 fucking times. I remember the 100 pages added to Hellashes thread that very night that i will never forget :D. People who deserve at least a fraction of this recognition barely get squat, because no one is impressed by something they know they can do with a few months work anymore.

Now everyone knows this, and no one likes it but why has no one given effort to change it? Your vote counts in the election, your posts count here. You can change this by posting congrats in accomplishments. You are not post whoring by posting "great job man that song is crazy hard" So don't be afraid to.
Sometimes i wonder if the mods changed their feelings on this too (as some left and more came).

The forums are flooded with people, yes we know. Active posters were always recognized "in the day", it's was a small community of people that knew at least each others user names. Everyone wants to be known, to be heard, to be recognized. This shows on scorehero. Sure everyone wants to have that feeling of being well known, but no want wants to give it to someone else.

If you change what the voices in your head are saying, then you change how you think. Be the change that you want to see. PLEASE, Don't try to make something better by complaining about why it's no good anymore. It makes no sense why that would help. It's an anti-litter campaign on a dirty street. I guess I'm trying to say, love it for what it is, because you are a living breathing part of it. Your experience depends on how much you care. You have the power to change someones experience by your post. Maybe they will do the same to you or someone else.

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