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  1. General Info/IRL
  2. Guitar Hero and Scorehero Bio
  3. Rock Band and Rockband.Scorehero Bio
  4. Misc GH/RB Tidbits

General Info/IRL

Name: Colin
XBL Gamertag: RiseOfAsh
Hometown: Concord, NC
D.O.B.: Oct 01, 1980
Joined Scorehero: Nov 12, 2006
I'm RiseOfAsh on ScoreHero, as well as on I'm 28, and live in North Carolina. Though I had a passing familiarity with some rhythm games, I had friends that introduced me to actually interactive rhythm games and started piquing my real interest in the genre. But it was my brother who introduced me to Guitar Hero and got me hooked on the series as a whole, as well as the Rock Band series. A user from a GameFAQs forum introduced me to ScoreHero way back then, still in my Guitar Hero 1 days.

Guitar Hero and ScoreHero


My ScoreHero Dynamic Static Image shows my Guitar Hero Stats the best, and is accurate as I have not played the latest three installments of the series.

I have contributed one Guitar Hero II cutoff, two GH80's cutoffs, and 34 Guitar Hero 3 cutoffs to ScoreHero.

Rock Band and ScoreHero

Band: Irish Common (RB1)/The Totality Pump (RB2)/Better Late Than Never (Online)
Guitar/Bass Ability: Expert
Drum Ability: Hard/Expert
Vocal Ability: Hard
Preferred Guitar Difficulty: Hard/Expert
Preferred Bass Difficulty: Hard/Expert
Preferred Drum Difficulty: Hard/Expert
Preferred Vocal Difficulty: Hard

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