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My world

Hi, My name is Antero (15) and i live in Finland. I love this place and i don't want to live in anywhere else. I have always loved music and sports. I have played football for 10 years, ice hockey for 9 years, piano 7 years, Guitar 1 year. My favourite bands are Sonata Arctica, DragonForce, Avenged Sevenfold, Iron Maiden and Metallica. I have been interested about computers from the age of 6. :D I like everything what is cold except i hate winter! Ice cream, Pepsi Max, CocaCola Zero, Fanta.. mm.. I think I know myself pretty good but i don't know how to explain it.

Guitar Hero

Our Family were going to holiday cottage and we went to a big store and there was "Guitar Hero-day." It was summer of 2005. My big brother played "i love rock n' roll" and he was amazed how the game rocked! He bought it right away. After 3 months he played "bark at the moon" on expert but didn't beat it. He was beated every song on expert but not that one. It took something like 2 months and he beated it. I started to play it and i was on hard after 3 weeks. I was like OMG when i passed cowboys from hell and at the same day i passed BATM! One week later i passed the whole game on expert. We got gh2 for next christmas (2006) and i still play it cause its the best game ever made! Now i play more customs than orginal guitar hero 2.


I make a lot of guitar hero 2 customs. I don't like guitar hero or guitar hero wt so thats why guitar hero 2. I have made over 150 charts. I started charting in a begining of 2007. I have only little little piece of my charts in scorehero. I have Vista now, and my feedback lags little bit so i don't make so many charts anymore. :/ I play customs on ps2 only cause I think its easiest way. And its fun to change everything in the game :D I use ghex. But when i want to change something like venue names i use guitar wizard. Feedback 0.97 is the best and i use it. :) Check my charts in youtube Dankgame's channel <-- he is not me, He is Dankgame from scorehero and he likes my charts and i love his vids and we make cooperation.


My big brother.. btw he is j0kinen in scorehero if i remember right.. He found scorehero and i wanted there too. I noticed how easy it is to find information from scorehero. and then i started charting, making guitar hero 2 customs etc. Now im making Guitar Hero: Sonata Arctica, DragonForce charts and putting them to scorehero. I hope that i would get some comments cause it takes time to make charts! Here is my Custom song topic! -Thank you if you download or just comment! =)


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More information of me later! Cya guys!

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