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About me:

Name Martin
Age 17
Location Dieppe
Occupation Student
Joined 10 July 2007
Member Number 53904
Hey, I'm Rocker0913 and there is really nothing special about me. I'm just some random teenager up in the middle of nowhere close to the city of Moncton in New-Brunswick, and not a lot of people know where this is. Even Ozzy said: "What's a Moncton?". There is not a lot that differs me from the ordinary teenager, except for an unhealthy addiction to Game_GuitarHero Guitar Hero and Game_RockBand Rock Band, REALLY fucked-up dreams that left me confused and weirded out for days, and being relatively one of the most randomest people you will ever meet.


I was born on Feburary 9, 1991, and I dont remember much for the next 4 years, apart from the random memory of me crawling around in the hallway, moving rooms when my little sister was born, 3rd birthday, etc.

I really got into gaming was I was about 7 or 8 years old (although my parents say I was addicted to the SNES we still have), when I got a PS1 for Christmas. I played Crash 2 for so many years, I still have fun playing it. I develloped an eventual addictiveness to all kind of various games, mostly racing. I was so addicted, my parents put a rule that I cant play video games through the week, still have it. I eventually got a PS2.

I do play a lot of sports and love it so much. I sucked at most of them, though. Hockey, like most of my fellow canadians, is my favorite, although I have tried almost everything that I could. Football is up there also, I was actually on our high school team, playing for the first half of the season as a defensif tackle, and the second half as a defensif back. We only won one game, but the fact that it was against our arch rival school, mixed in with the fact that it was our first win in 4 years, and topped off with a 200 people mosh pit when we won, makes it so sweet. But what do we care about sports, we are here for Guitar Hero.

Guitar Hero, Rock Band and me

I was introduced to Guitar Hero about the time Game_GuitarHero Guitar Hero came around, but never really got into it at that point. It was only in November of 2006,when my parents went shopping while picking me up from a friend. Instead of leaving me in the car, they dropped me off at a nearby EBGames. Once entering, I noticed a demo of Game_GuitarHeroII GHII. I said to myself: "Hey, I am a gamer. Might as well try something different." Best decision I have made in my life! Ever since, I have been addicted to the series. Even when I got back in the car, I immediately said to my dad that I wanted the game for Christmas. Not surprisingly, I got GH1 and immediately started playing. I started playing Expert around March, going through and mastering all the difficulties.

I got GH2 the following summer, when I worked with my dad at the local workshop. Unluckly for me, the game skipped and hiccupsed. Still loved to play all the songs, it just an annoyance. This is why, when you compare my scores for GH1 and GH2, there is a huge difference. Around the same week, since I though I was good and needed some competition, and some tips on Jordan, I went searching through the Internet for some online tourneys and tips. Eventually, I found Scorehero, and joined to play the league that started. I had a lot of fun, and then my adventure for domination of the plastic guitar began.

My gamertag

Around November of 2007, I was then absolutely blowed away by the epicness of Game_RockBand Rock Band, then I wanted to get a 360 to enjoy all of the perks. I also wanted Game_GuitarHeroIII GHIII and Game_GuitarHeroEncoreRocksThe80s 80's, to complete the set I had. Although I didnt get a 360, I did get the two PS2 games that I wanted, which are the two I mentionned. I was dissapointed. It just didn't appeal to me as did the previous two. Maybe its because I over-hyped it, maybe I was so blowed away from Rock Band, either way, I dont play these that often.

At the time of my 17th birthday, I saved most of my money to buy a 360 and Rock Band, and played this so much, it quickly became one of my favorite games of all time. I quickly rose up the leaderboards, getting up to 180th on the Xbox Leaderboards at one time. But, school and other stuff, along a recent loss of will to game out as I used to, lead me to a small slide, but I think I'm still up there.

My time at Scorehero

As I previously said, I found the site in July of 2007 when I was looking to test my skills online, and, at the same time, looking for tips for Song_GH2_Jordan Jordan. I eventually came along to the leagues, and joined for this very reason. I was put into the A-2 league (at the time, it was Season 5), and everyone had a real advantage towards me, because I joined late. But, since much of the competition dropped out, I made the playoffs as an affiliate. Luckily for me, someone dropped out and I was in and to my amazement, reached all the way to the semi-finals! I lost, but I had fun.

I kept lurking around, being an OK poster, sometimes putting in a non-helpful post, but most of them consisted to help towards the subject. This constant lurking and researching around the site, helped me to reach a whole new potential I didn't think possible for myself. Eventually, because of tips offered by users and friendly competition, I passed Song_GH2_Jordan Jordan for the first time ever and got my Game_GuitarHeroII GHII log around a month after joining the site. It felt amazing.

I was an active participant in the "Which is going to be better: Game_RockBand RB or Game_GH3 GH3". I was mostly on the Rock Band side of the discussion, appreciating that Harmonix was going to take the formula of the series to a whole new level, adding drums and vocals, while I was being skeptical towards Neversoft being in control, with the way that the Tony Hawk series was going. Never the less, I still wanted both.

During the time that Rock Band and GH3 was out and Christmas, I helped around the site, like drawing SP paths for various GH3 songs and posting information with sushi111 for Rock Band. During this time, I got the attention of a fellow canadian player (and a awesome one, if I might add), DanSamp. For the next month, I helped him climb up the leaderboards with paths that I made that didn't end up being optimal, but turned out to be very close.
My current avatar

Around March, I made a couple of friends, User_BDOWN BDOWN and Rikuthemaster. We eventually made a band, and found Four Spades to be our drummer and we became Cinnamon Toast Crunch (The F's you can C). The problem became a bit obvious when we were really busy, and just recently, BDOWN went to college, so we can't play, but I always have a blast playing with him in our two man band, "BOOM! HIGHSCORE!".

I became aware that I was a help to the site when I was helping with suggestions for leagues, when I was chosen to be in the "League planning group", chosen by User_Deimos Deimos. But, the problem was that it was in IRC, and I didn't understand it at all (I don't really understand computers, I barely know how to do this very wiki page). So, as a "resignation" of my spot, I asked Deimos why he picked me over a lot of fellow Users. He said that I was picked because I had good ideas, and I was really helpful with my posts. I really appreciated this, especially that it was being told by a moderator.

From there on, I just kept posting here and there, helping people, but mostly to discuss various topics. I dont really post a lot, but I want to make sure that when I post, it's something that adds to the discussion, and I have been doing that, compared to when I joined. I think Scorehero made me a better person.


Guitar Hero (PS2)
Total Score12,286,796
Guitar Hero II (PS2)
Total Score19,958,391
Guitar Hero: 80s (PS2)
Total Score8,201,571
Guitar Hero III (PS2)
Total Score21,670,677
Rock Band (Guitar, 360)
Total Score10,009,510
Rock Band 2 (Guitar, 360)
Total Score10,221,721

Guitar Expert FC Lists

**Rock Band**

1. Here It Goes Again

2. Reptilia

3. Time We Had

4. Maps

5. The Hand That Feeds

6. I'm So Sick

7. I Think I'm Paranoid

8. In Bloom

9. Celebrity Skin

10. Mississippi Queen

11. Blood Doll

12. Should I Stay or Should I Go

13. Sabotage

14. Detroit Rock City

15. When You Were Young

16. Orange Crush

17. Seven

18. Wave of Mutilation

19. 29 Fingers

20. Say it Ain't So

21. Next To You

22. Blitzkrieg Bop

23. Cherub Rock

24. Day Late, Dollar Short

25. Learn to Fly

26. Paranoid

27. Gimme Shelter

28. Electric Version

29. (Don't Fear) The Reaper

30. Nightmare

31. Suffragette City

32. Are You Gonna Be My Girl

33. Outside

34. Can't Let Go

35. Go With The Flow

36. Main Offender

37. I Get By

38. Brainpower (Only 100%)

As you can see, I spend more time on Game_GH1 GH1 and Game_RockBand Rock Band than the others. My guess is that I simply prefer these setlists over the others, thus I spend more time and the songs do not frustrate me as much, so I have more patience going for high scores and FCs. For Game_GH2 GH2, however, this is not the case. The problem I have with this game is that is skips, screwing me out of combos and FCs because it randomly stops and starts at random occassions. This frustrates me a lot. If it didn't skip, I would put a lot of time into it because I love most of the songs on the game, especially the bonus songs.

What am I doing now

School is going good, just I can go without the daily load of homework from I.B., though I usually don't do it anyway. Now, since football season is over, it's on to different stuff, like theater, improv and chess club (nerds playing football, sweet!!). Me and my best friend are trying to form a band in real life, I'm the bassist. We just play to jam, we are not going to be the next big thing, it's just for fun. Another one of my friends and I are going to start a series of movies, "Teen Guy Squad", making fun of "Teen Girl Squad", a popular cartoon on, check it out. I am currently writing two things: A guide for Song_RB_GreenGrassAndHighTides Green Grass & High Tides and some random story that came into my head two years ago. I am almost done with the guide and halfway done with the random story. The problem is I am a huge procrastinator, and I am busy.

Random Favorites and Facts:

Bands: AC/DC, Rush, Billy Talent, Rise Against, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice In Chains, Bad Religion, Anarchy Club, Dinosaur Jr., Ska in general...(I can keep going...)
Games: GH and RB, Bioshock, Burnout, Need For Speed Most Wanted, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4, Crash 2 and Warped
Sports: Almost anything (mostly hockey)
Movies: The Simpsons movie, Benchwarmers, School of Rock

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