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Haven't Updated This in A While.
Since I not to good at coding and crap I'll keep this strictly in this simple Text Format.

TOTAL SONGS FC'ED: 18something/224
ON-DISC FC'S: 141/142
MOST RECENT NOTABLE FC'S: I.V., Prequel to the Sequel
Exclusive FC's (Meaning I'm the only one to do it thus far): 2 (California Uber Alles, Prequel to the Sequel)
First to FC: No Regrets, Witch Hunt, California Uber Alles, Prequel to the Sequel
RANK ON 360: 3rd
Goals: Free 20 FC: 13/20- easy ones left, just gotta get around to it
Visions Gold Star: 20,000 away
GM/BF Gold Star: 1,000 away :(
Roll With The Changes FC: -2

Thats it for now I guess....
My Youtube!

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