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Hey im Shadow-Monkey and i first picked up Guitar Hero in July 2006. I actually got the game on accident... in 2006 i was going on a trip to Australia becuase im smart?! with a group called "people to people" i also graduated from elementary school that year. i kept buggin my parents about guitar hero for a grad present. my mom didnt want to get it becuase she though the guitar was cheap and would break easily. after about 2 weeks of beggin' i gave up and asked my dad for street fighter alpha anthology as a "going away present" when he came back from sams club i he asked me 2 get groceries i went out to the truck and saw Guitar Hero i was a bit dissapointed but it has since changed my life. when i first played "I Love Rock and Roll" i didnt know i had to strum so i failed 3 times before realizing what i had to do. within a week and a half i was on hard. then i was in Australia for 2 1/2 weeks with no worries of parents or anything just freedom. when i came back i think i got better becuase i beat "Cowboys from Hell" and "Bark at the Moon" within the same day on expert. That X-mas i got Guitar Hero 2 and beat it in a day on Expert. I never learned how to play with my pinky who knows why i just play with 3. since that day i have become one of the best Guitar Hero/ Rock Band players on the PS3.

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