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O hai gaize, i am deh Shotgunmerc!

yes, i did jack that line from a Billtvshow video.

Name: David
Age: 17
State: Virginia
Gender: Male
Birthday: 8/22
Relationship Status: Single
A Member of: Hayfield Class of 09'
Status: Rocker


thats my highest expert ranking ever, and its on 360. thats incredible.

my highest ranking ever was my Holiday in Cambodia Medium score. it was top 200 overall for a while

When it goes up, ill post a link to video showing me screaming because of my Monkey Wrench Choke!

itll go here: ( )

My Goals:
GH2 Log: (Pyschobilly Freakout) <- WHERE DID EVERYTHING GO
GH: 80's Log: (Seventeen, Caught In A Mosh, Play With Me) yes, i finally got Radar Love :P
El Jefe: (Black Sunshine. The Metal, Before I Forget, 3's and 7's, the 8th Tier)
Clear Jordan: (x) <- HOLY FUCKING SHIT MAN
Clear TTFAF without cheats: ()
Clear TTFAF on Hard with Precision Mode: (Passed Intro Once)
5* a 7th tier song: (x)
5* an 8th tier song: (x)
Get a girlfriend: ()
Beat "I Wanna Be The Guy": ()
2k posts Before Graduation: () this used to be Free Bird Banner, but i was perma rockered. Maybe i can convince someone to reverse the decision before then but i dont have high hopes.

I'll post a link to my scores and stuff some other time.

My notable achievements:
FC Soy Bomb
FC Closer
FC Missisippi Queen on both RB and GH
FC Metal Heavy Lady
FC Heart Shaped Box (Finalfuckingly)
FC Slow Ride (wooooo)
FC Reptilia on Rock Band (see OMG link above for OMG ranking)
5* Electric Eye
5* Don't Hold Back
5* Impulse
5* Crazy On You
5* Madhouse
5* YYZ
5* Run To The Hills (Guitar)
5* Knights of Cydonia
5* Rock This Town
5* 8th tier of GH2
900 Note Streak (Synchronicity II, GH:80's)

2 tries to beat Lou's Battle on expert
I wrote the original Battle mode guide
I also wrote the guide to cheating (now wikitized! search: Cheating)
I've beaten 3 bosses in I Wanna Beat The Guy
Written One song on Guitar (working on another)
Been called a stalker by 2 (?) different girls for no reason, and both regretted it later :D.
does that count as an accomplishment?

So yeah. get moar people to veiw teh page

the more you view the more i tell you about me!

If 3 people comment, ill talk about how i got into Guitar Hero!
If 5 people comment, ill reveal something funny!
If 10 people comment, ill go into more detail about myself!

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