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grammar corrected by this noob.... I mean FranGH07.

My Personal Life:

will be more organized......

- I like the Simpsons
- I play the guitar, the trumpet, the piano and the drums.
- I am really flexible
- Also, I'm really weird
- I'm super sexy I'm normal looking guy.
- I'm a twin o_O


will add..... sometimes

The Simpsons:

Will add.... sometimes

Random Shit:

Will add..... sometimes

Guitar Hero:

I started playing Guitar hero in summer 2007. I heard it from my friend and I thought it was kinda neat. Went to my local EBgame and try it for the first in February 2007. Well, I failed on easy. I was like WTF is that? .....I figure at the last minute I had to use the strum bar >_<. It didn't click with me for the first time. In May 2007, I don't know what happen but I wanted the game soooooo badly. I was watching every god damn Guitar Hero video. I finally decided to buy a 360 in July but my mom didn't want me to buy Guitar Hero 2 now. So... I waited. In August, our family decided to make a garage sale. After that, I realize that all my old Xbox game I wanted to sell was still on the shell. Nobody was buying them. Being the genius I am, I took all my 24 Xbox game and went to trade it at EBgames. Only got 120$ for 24 fricking games. It turns out that I had money to buy Guitar hero 2 bundle. So I did! Boy was I happy!

My Video Games:


My Youtube

My Youtube Page

Well.... here are some of my videos that are pretty good, I think. >.<

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