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Hey. SketchyGalore

This is SketchyGalore, SketchyGalore01 is my XBL gamertag. Friend me now!

My Name

In case you noticed (and congratulations if you did), my name comes from a song from They Might Be Giants. More information on the song can be found here, at This Might Be A Wiki.

My rant on how I got into GH/RB

Yeah, so I've been playing these kings of games since summer of 2006, when I started playing my cousin's copies of of GH1 and GH2. I soon got the hang of the stuff in I Wanna Be Sedated on expert (the RB --> RY chord changes) because I had been playing real guitar for 1 1/2 years before. I got GH3 for the PS2 the day it came out, and moved from medium to expert in a matter of weeks. At first I was hesitant to get RB1, mostly because I was only interested in playing guitar and occasionally singing. Eventually I got it (early 2008), and immediately loved it. Once I got the drums (birthday Feb. 18, I think), I couldn't stop playing the game. On drums, I started in training and got to Expert in about 5 weeks. There is a video on my YouTube page ( of me playing Flirtin' With Disaster drums expert, and I sucked pretty hard back then. But then an awful thing happened: the drums broke. So I got a new set, because I didn't know how RMA-ing worked. That one broke, too. On a different note, I got GH:A the day it came out, and RB Track Pack 1 two days after. So I basically mastered my bass and vocal skills until RB2 came out, since I was sick of playing guitar. Now that I have RB2 (for 360!!!), I can't stop playing the drums (mostly).

Stuff You May Not Know (Or Want To Know) About Me

1) I am actually a fan of the Pixies. Rock Band introduced me to them.
2) I got a confusingly high score on "Sabotage" (Vocals, Hard, PS2) that gave me 1st place by 4 points.
3) I can put my feet behind my head.
4) I am a better drummer, singer, and bassist than everyone I personally know.
5) I am personal friends with the Flying Linches (you know, that band, at that Philly concert?).
6) I once whistled along with Sultans of Swing on the radio (even the solos). It hurt my throat. A lot.
7) I have the lowest score ever on More Than A Feeling expert drums (PS2 Track Pack 1). The blue pad did not work for the whole song.
8) I always read on the forums how people can't do E-Pro on expert drums because of the foot pattern. I find it funny that I never had trouble with the song.
9) After I finally FC'd Lump, I tried to go for a couple squeezes. My score did improve, but I misses one note. Now I have a 99% as my high score on the most overtiered song in the game. >.< Profile

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