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I look like this. Kind of.


quick overview of games:

GH1: Guitar God
GH2: -1
GH3: -2
GH80s: Guitar God
GHA: Guitar God
GHOT: does anyone care?
RB: DLC is too good, haven't played anything more than twice
RB2: tour is obnoxious, incomplete. also ^

Hardware Modding:

I have the only double neck guitar using 2 different guitar models, and 2 different systems.;=


I've also been working on a self-charging controller modification. it's basically a generator powered by the strum bar/whammy bar motion, wired through rechargable batteries.;=


new project starting Oct 26. new guitar = new opportunities!

Co-Op Hell:

Vossy003 and I are planning an approximately 30 hour co-op run of all GH games -gh1. we willl be playing straight through GH2, 80s, GH3, GHA, and GHWT. this event is roughly scheduled for around Christmas.

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