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Biographic information

I'm smeddy, or "Kevin" to some people. I've lived 18 years more or less uneventfully, save for a strange medical incident in which a pill got stuck in my throat in fifth grade. I live in Illinois, and always have. I am in my first year at DePaul University.


After a couple of party/Best Buy experiences with Guitar Hero I decided I began looking into buying a PS2. Being a high school kid with no job, I first researched alternatives and found Frets on Fire, so I played that through most of 2006 and all of 2007. I got GH3 for PC in Christmas of 2007, and beat most of hard in the first couple days. It took until february before I could pass RaBl, and mostly because I don't care, I still haven't beaten Lou. On Expert I'm stuck on Before I Forget, again, mostly because I don't care.
I joined ScoreHero on the last day of 2007, and had lurked for maybe a couple days before then. I was looking for ways to mod GH3PC. I eventually ventured out of the Software forum and into the realm of Miscellaneous Guitar Hero Discussion, or Misc. GH Disc., as I've called it frequently. At some point I also ventured into the Gaming Discussion Forum where I participated in the Game Design Challenge. I'm proud of my two designs, Der Erlkönig, which took first place in its week, and Fighting for Freedom, which tied for third.

The next thing I'm proud of is my Strat controller, "The Shitwrecker". The forum thread is available here. The most true to life picture is likely this one:
Why is it called that? Because every time I see it, it wrecks my shit.

I won my Rock Band kit in a radio call-in contest that also sent me to Los Angeles to see VH1 Rock Honors: The Who. I also bought a GH3 bundle from Walmart because it was super cheap, and my Xplorer was broken at the time. So, for a short period of time, before I sold the copy of GH3, I owned both Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3 for the xBox 360, a system I don't own.

Outside of Rhythm Games

I played tuba throughout junior high and high school, because they're so bulky and expensive, I don't have a horn to play anymore. However! I still have my two didgeridoos and a theremin, both of which are much more portable and a lot more interesting to talk about, if more difficult to play musically.

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