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Table of Contents

 Favorite Bands 
 Rhythm Games 
 Special Thanks 


This will have content soon enough.

Favorite bands:


Hemispheres; Rush.
I've loved these guys for a long time, and any time forget why I love them, I go back and play one of their songs on real drums, and remember all over again. Neil Peart. *bows*


Lateralus; Tool.
Probably my favorite band right now. They are fucking amazing. Maynard is an amazing singer, probably my favorite singer of all time, and Danny Carey.
Words can not express how much I look up to this man, Danny Carey is one of the best fucking drummers. Ever.

Dream Theater:

Live at Budokan; Dream Theater.
John Petrucci, favorite guitarist probably. I love this band, they are amazing, and I would do anything to see them live, Mike Portnoy is amazing.


Blood Mountain; Mastodon.
Like, wow, Mike (Carungi) introduced me to these guys, and I just love them, I love their style, and Brann Dailor is one of my favorite drummers.

Between the Buried and Me:

Colors; Between the Buried and Me.

These guys, like me, are from North Carolina, and they are awesome. In one of their songs, "Ants of the Sky," they're playing metal one minute, then they go into some country jamboree shit. It's awesome, and I've met the drummer, Blake Richardson.

Rhythm Games:

First Colony of Birchmen FC!
So, here's my story with rhythm games. The first rhythm game period I ever played was DDR, and I got the home version for PS2, and that was fun as hell.
DDR Max. Ftw.
My favorite song to play was Afroman, and I would do crazy stuff, I'd like spin around, do handstands, all this crazy shit. Then, I quit playing that, just because, and I stopped playing rhythm games for a while. I went over to a friend's house, and he had Guitar Hero 2, so I tried playing that. Of course I started on medium, and that was pretty simple, so I bought the game for myself, and moved up to hard. After playing Hard for a while, I decided I'd try playing expert when I could beat Jordan and Freebird on Hard. Well, one day, I went crazy, and beat both in like, 30 minutes, after failing Freebird once. So I was like, "lolexpurt." My first expert song was Cherry Pie, and I got used to that, and could easily 5 star it, so I thought I was the sickest guitar hero player ever. Well, I played that for a long while, got to where I could beat everything on expert, except Jordan. (My scores sucked, and I still haven't beat Jordan to this day, not that I try, but hey, I was beating everything.)

So I was watching youtube videos of some guitar hero shit, and I saw "Fury of the Storm, Guitar Hero 2 Custom." At first I was like, lolwut cuztomz? So I went and looked, and for a while, I just ignored cause you had to have all this extra shit and stuff that I didn't feel like getting. But, when I found out you could tape and tissue mod your slim PS2, I did that, and I got a bunch of customs off SH, still not joining.

When Rock Band 1 rolled around, a finally joined the SH community. When I started, way back about a month after Rock Band 1 first came out, I kinda sucked, I had trouble 5 starring Won't Get Fooled Again. But, as time progressed, I got a lot better. I didn't have to many OMGWUT accomplishments in RB1, aside from getting 11.1 mil. Probably my best accomplishments were getting 408k on Won't Get Fooled Again, -1'ing DFtR (fucking pads), and 272k on RttH, which was pretty good with awful pads. But when RB2 came around, I started to dominate a little.

Well, after finishing my sightreads on RB2, with horrendous drums mind you, I was ranked 10th on XBL, which was soon taken away. Then, after leaderboards got glitched, I started to actively use Scorehero's score tracking again. Currently, I'm ranked 7th, (but I'm getting ions very soon, so that'll change again ;]). I got RB2 stocks, which worked really well originally, but quickly deteriorated, but that's another story. While I had RB2 stocks, first, I was the proud owner of the first FC of Colony of Birchmen, by Mastodon none-the-less. I was ecstatic about this, and I have a vid of this FC, which can be found here:

Colony of Birchmen First FC
But yeah, I flipped out about that, that was my first first FC of anything, and it was of a song in the impossible tier. I went on to climb up the leaderboards with really bad pads, and got some other nices FCs, such as "Give it All," by Rise Against, and this:

The Trees (Vault Edition) FC
Which was lolwuttastic because I love Rush. Then, it, happened. I had, the choke. I almost had the first FC of Panic Attack on expert drums, but sadly, that was cut short, because I choked, merely seconds before the outro, which made me sadface. I sadfaced, a fuck ton, and then madfaced, and then rapeawallwithfistfaced. But, to make up for that, I decided to FC Sleepwalker, and get the first FC of THAT, on Expert Drums.

Sleepwalker First FC
That's my most recent accomplishment, and I'm sure I have quite a few other notable ones, but I'm tired of typing, so that's it for now.

Special Thanks:

Scorehero: For being an awesome community, and having some cool people.
Everyone that I talk to on streams: <3.
Duck: He helped me with dis shit.
everywun subskrib 2 mai utube vids cuz im awsum and shiz. <3

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