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Who is TheDave?
Wouldn't you like to know.....


OK. Fine! Here are some brief details:

I began playing Guitar Hero PRIMARILY for Physical Therapy
The reason for this, was for a pretty serious injury, called a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).
As a result of the Injury, I lost a lot of my limb (hand, finger, arm, leg, foot) movement abilities (fine motor controls), on the left side of my body.
This had happened in May, 2007.

So, for example, just typing on a computer became a huge hassle / problem. Which, for my job as a web programmer, typing is a rather large part of my job, and needed to be (massively) improved after the negative effects of the Injury.

TheDave's Guitar Hero history / background:
10-28-2007: Got GH:3 for my Wii
It took me about a week to even beat GH on EASY(!) with my condition at the time. However, during that 1st week (even before beating the game, I could see HUGE improvements in my typing abilities alone. My obsession with Guitar Hero started at this point, and I played daily (for multiple hours) after I saw how helpful it really was for my rehabilitation.
**Notes:** Until this day, I had NEVER played Guitar Hero, or any instrument rhythm game really. I never had even the slightest interest in them either (oohhhh, how that has changed)

12-2-2007: My First FC EVER! (yes, on easy) -- Rock And Roll All Nite
After beating Easy, I had moved on to try and beat Medium (and still hadn't at this point). For whatever reason on this day, I went back and played some Easy songs, and I got my first FC! I didn't even know it was called an FC at this point, I just new I had gotten a 100% score!
Within an Hour is was quickly followed by my 2nd ever FC (still on easy): Rock You like A Hurricane

12-22-2007: BEAT GH:3 on Medium!
Yes. It really did take me almost 2 months of trying (typically for hours a day) to beat the game on Medium. That should show you just how bad my hand / finger controls / coordination really were from my Injury.

Jan - 2008: Starting Playing on Hard
Right after I beat Medium, I began trying to play on Hard. The upscale in difficulty was ENORMOUS! That damn Orange button was a PITA!
It often took me days and days of trying a new song on Hard just to pass it. At first I went back and tried to 5 Star as much of Medium as I could, but it didn't help with the Orange fret much...
**Quick Note:** By now, I was MUCH more concerned (obsessed) with beating more difficult songs on Guitar Hero in general, and the Rehab benefits were probably minimal. But every little bit helps!

3-5-2008: Found ScoreHero!!!
On this day, I found the best ever Guitar Hero website on the internet. It had been linked off of some blogger news site I was reading that day.
At this point in time, I was still trying to just pass GH:3 Tier 4 - On Hard
Also, I made my 1st post on ScoreHero (mostly about my injury & rehab):

4-29-2008: Bought an xBox 360 & GH:2!
I started on Medium, and blew through it in 1-2 days. I unlocked all the bonus songs from the in-game store so I could play them.
I began playing through GH:2 on the Hard difficulty. This gave me a (much needed) break from playing GH:3 Hard, as it was overly frustrating.

5-31-2008: Beat GH:2 (360) on the Hard difficulty!!!
For me, this was a MAJOR Milestone.
As well as one of my Guitar Hero Goals in general (sort of).
I had beaten a GH game on Hard! Not GH:3, like I had wanted, but it was one of the GH games in any case!

June - 2008: Stuck on GH:3 Tier 7
I had beaten "Stricken" on Tier 7 1st, and could not pass another song on this Tier for over a month.
I did finally get "3's & 7's" on June 11th though.

7-1-2008: Beat ALL of GH:A Hard (41/41)
I bought GH:Aerosmith on release day, and was able to beat every song in the game by now!
Just a few days, not to bad really. Again, it was a nice break from GH:3 for a while.

7-6-2008: Beat ALL of GH:3 Tier 7!
I was already 2/5th's the way through Tier 7, and on this day I FINALLY beat KoC (Knights of Cydonia). After trying for a couple months.
After beating KOC, Before I Forget was passed the same day, and I some how managed to pass Cult of Personality on my Sightread!

7-10-2008: Beat half (2/4) of GH:3 Tier 8 songs
I had already beaten "Cliff of Dover", and I managed to pass "One" on this day, and began trying RaBl & NotB
I could never make it past Mosh 1, nor could I make it past about the Intro (about 12%) on NotB.

9-22-2008: Finally got to Lou!
2 1/2 frick'n months later! I managed to beat RaBl & NotB on the same day!
I just Star Power'd my way through Mosh 1 (finally!), and I was able to pick up on a pattern for NotB, which made passing possible.
I still have to beat that little bitch Lou in the final Boss Battle (6-27-2009: scroll down, it was done!!!!!)

I really hope to have Hard beaten by the time GH:WT comes out, but as of today (10-6-2008), I am still trying. Didn't happen

11-2-2008: Beat 100% of Guitar Hero: World Tour - Guitar - Hard! (86/86)
I picked up GH:WT on release day (with the new Guitar) for my 360. I didn't really get it until Sunday night at like 7pm, so I only played it for a couple hours that night. Had I gotten it Sunday morning, I woulda played it all day (and probably beat it then too)

12-11-2008: My 1st Evar Hard difficulty FC!!!
Damn, it sure took long enough... Only 409 days (or 1 year, 1 month, and 12 days) of playing GH before I became good enough to get a Hard level FC!
The Song was Cherry Pie on GH:2
Yes, a very easy song to do it on, and had I worked on it longer, or been more persistent about getting it, I'm sure it would of been a lot sooner.

12-12-2008: FRICK'N AMAZING, got my 2nd Hard difficulty FC the very next day!!!
This time it was Hail To The Freaks from GH:WT (another easy song, I know)

12-20-2008: STILL FRICK'N AMAZING, got my 3rd Hard difficulty FC the next week!
This time it was Everlong from GH:WT (still a pretty easy song I think)
It sure helps that I really like the Foo Fighters, and that song :D

4-1-2009: FRICK'N AWESOME!!! I got my 4th Hard difficulty FC today! And for a New GH:Metallica Song!
This time it was No Leaf Clover from GH:M
When my first playthrough on this song was only -9, I knew it would be possible.
During all of my attempts, I was able to put together a decent SP Path as well! Good enough for 1st place (H) too!
(at least for now)
4-12-2009: 11 Days later, someone finally beat it :(

4-13-2009: Got my 5th Hard FC
This one was more than easy Dream Police from the GH:A Game.
Not even worth posting the picture of it. It almost feels kind of worthless it was so easy.
FC's 1,2,3, & 4 were all satisfying, this one, well... not so much :(

6-27-2009: I beat GH 3 on Hard!!!!!

FUCKING AWESOME! I beat Lou! NINE Months after getting to him, I beat him. Kinda sad it took this long, but I decided to go back, and play some GH3 today, and I was able to beat him after about 10 tries. I'M DONE! This was one of my MAIN LONG TERM GOALS, and it is done. Yes, I will still play GH, but it might not be quite as much now.
Lets see now, that only took me 1 year and 8 months to beat GH3 on Hard.... Thats only 609 days... gee, not to bad at all :) /sarcasm

Just in general now, I find that playing Guitar Hero is SUCH a challenge for me (yes, even only on Hard), that it is still very fun and satisfying for me to be able to beat more difficult songs. And not just to beat a new song, but trying to get 5 stars and just get better in general as well.

Guitar Hero Goals:

Ok, everyone has these in their sig, I have some too, but they are going here.
Originally I said I wanted to beat Guitar Hero III on Hard, that still is the Goal. Really, I want to be at least a Hard level player. To me, that means beat EVERY GH game on Hard. I said I also wanted to beat a GH song on Expert. This has been done (I won't post the score though).
OK, A REAL Goals list then!
GH World Tour
(Guitar, 360)
Total Score14,341,717
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (360)
Total Score5,400,301
Guitar Hero III (360)
Total Score11,182,223
Guitar Hero II (360)
Total Score11,009,153


NOTE: Commenting here is disabled.
Sometime soon, I will make an accomplishments thread on the forum, and post a link to it in here for people to write comments on.
Check it out! Feel free to add comments or ask questions you might have in there.

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