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Name: Andrew
Age: 16
Birthday: December 30
Systems: Good Games:
- Fable
I think I got a bit carried away with the stuff up there. Anyway, I'm Andrew. I'm 16 and a sophomore in High School.
I have listened to a variety of different genres of music through my life. We'll start with the early years. Up until I was 11 or so
the cool thing was N'Sync or the Backstreet Boys. Holy crap that was gay. The shift away from that stuff happened in the car one day.
I'm pretty sure my mom was driving my cousin and I back from a store and we heard some Eminem on the radio.
So, that led to the next couple of years where I pretty much thought I was...gangster, you could say. Soon, I turned
to the emo stuff (hawthorne heights) and the semi-emo-ish, too (the pink spiders?). I'll save how I came to rock and metal for
when I explain about how I found Guitar Hero.

Guitar Hero

First off, I just want to say that I do, always have, and always will like and support Guitar Hero (Red Octane + Activision) over
RockBand (Harmonix + MTV?) anyday. The circular buttons of Guitar Hero have found their way to my heart, and there's no room
left for RockBand's squares. I did appreciate how well HMX (Harmonix) fretted GH1, 2, and 80s, but I changed my mind when I saw
some of RockBand's DLC. For example: "Thrasher" by Evile. Is there seriously THAT many notes? And I know for a fact the solo in
"Afterlife" is overcharted.
I first played Guitar Hero at my cousins house. He had just gotten Guitar Hero 2 for his birthday. Up until the point I played it,
I was one of the people who saw the commerical for GH2 on Xbox360 and said "Wtf? That's gay. You can't blast a meteor away with a Guitar."
Of course now I believe differently. I believe in the almighty star power, and it's ability to rearrange the entire galaxy. Uhm, okay, a while after that
I just had to have it, so I picked up a PS2, Guitar Hero 2, and a wireless guitar and started my career. I blazed through easy, as everyone does,
because of my prior experience from playing at my cousins house.
I moved onto medium, it was just like easy except it added my pinky. Big deal. I made it through medium, mostly four-starring
everything, until I came to hard. I just couldn't hit that orange at all. So I kind of blew it off and played medium until I could master it.
It wasn't long until I could 300k Free Bird on medium, but still couldn't hit a single orange in Shout at the Devil on hard. That's when I
looked to the internet for a solution. I was kind enough to find a fix to the problem I had, thanks to someone on youtube. The
advice was to move your whole hand down so that your pinky = orange, ring = blue, middle = yellow, and your index could pick up both green
and red. I soon learned this was called second position. I finally had what I needed to take the giant leap to Hard mode.
Hard mode, I was there. I noticed that not only had a button been added, but the difficulty GREATLY increased, even when no
orange note was involved. Nevertheless, I got good on hard mode and moved to expert about halfway through the setlist.
Expert was just a small upgrade from hard mode. I three-starred my way through the setlist getting caught on a few songs, such as:
Freya, Crazy on You (Intro), Rock This Town, Carry Me Home, Psychobilly Freakout, Misirlou, and Hangar18. After I had conquered those
though, there were no more problems. I, along with most of you probably did, became obsessed with beating Jordan and/or Six.
Fast forwarding over months of practicing, I beat and five-starred Jordan. I still haven't been able to five-star Six.
My cousin got Guitar Hero 3 on the day of it's release and brought it over to my house. He got the bundle with two white/red guitars
and there were two of us, so we decided to try out the new Co-Op Career. I couldn't get over how big of a graphics change there was.
The new graphics were amazing. The HOPO system was immediately noticeable and it was hard to get adjusted to it. We smashed through
Co-Op Career and then he wanted to do a Solo Career, so I bought my own copy. I beat Expert fairly quick, barely getting stuck on Raining Blood,
Cliffs of Dover, and Number of the Beast. GH3 wasn't enough to fulfill my GH needs, so I got GH80s. I pretty much 5-starred everything on Expert on
my sightread, but it's my second favorite of the series. I got GH:A on release, and like GH80s, I 5-starred all but Train Kept a Rollin on my sightread.
GH:A is probably the worst investment of money I've made since RockBand (PS2 version = no dlc = major suckage).

Song Stats/Scores

Guitar Hero 2: Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s: Guitar Hero 3: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith: Total from All Guitar Hero Games Owned:

More to come.

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