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Hey everyone, i'm the poison hand.. Been here for a while but never really said much..

outside of the game i'm a mathematician/programmer living life in vancouver canada (well, metrotown area).. got introduced to rhythm games through Ouendan, eventually got a wii and the real addiction began..

I rock the gene simmons axe, standing up, i sort-of alt-strum, more like random-strum (i start each phrase with a downstrum and don't hold the strum bar.. if that makes sense), and i think hopos are the bees knees.. I got started with gh3 and wii custom discs (thanks theghost guys!), but have since broken my wii to not be able to play them anymore, so i just play gh{3,m,wt,sh}, and rb2...

I don't fc much because i'm too sloppy, having way to much fun and rocking around like marty mcfly, and i'm too impatient with the easier fc'able songs..

Looking forward to rocking the rivalries, and, i dunno, forum'ing..

oh yeah, i'm also @cidermonkey on twitter..

Wii Friend Codes
Always up for a game.

GH3: 373825920239



Played for a while in The Rivalry of Mediocre Expert GH Players.. I'm too sick of gh3 to do this anymore..

It's true what they say, playing in a rivalry makes you better.. Within a week of joining, i got my first FC and was finally able to pass FCPREMIX and Mauvais Garcon.. It's magic.


Yay Closer.


Song 2 is a fitting second FC i think.


Other Stuff I'm proud of


One overstrum on the fast notes at the end... Later found out that those notes aren't actually in the original RB version, just added by whoever made the custom disc to put notes where the outro was..


Me and some buddies ranked 6th, yay!


First time i beat One.. Beer is a performance enhancing drug.


Yay less talk more rokk.. really wish this was on Smash Hits..


Woo Hanger 18.. was having a good night.. right after beating this for the first time, went on to beat:


And promptly broke my wii to not play gh3 customs anymore.. At least it's on smash hits but haven't beaten it there yet..


Lost about a million fans, but it was worth it..

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