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Hey there, I'm Álvaro, a Brazillian 13 year old boy that uses Dual Shock/360 Controller. That happen because I've bought a Guitar Controller too late...I'm getting a Guitar Controller for 360 soon.
P.S.: Sorry if my English sucks. I've bought Guitar Hero on 2005 after reading the game review in a magazine. How I was playing on Dual Shock, I've failed on my 1st song (I Love Rock'n'Roll). I've started playing on Expert in this year (2008), but my 1st try on it was in 2007 (I think). My 1st song to play on Expert was I Love Rock'n'Roll. I've got 82%, I think.
In 2008 My brother showed to me a friend that play on Expert. I was scared after seeing he playing. In a few days, I was playing on Expert. After 2 months or less, I've beat all his scores =D!!!!!!!!!!!!! My 1st FC was on Easy. It was I Love Rock'n'Roll (yes, again). I've did it on 2007, in the same day that I've played my 1st song on Expert.
My 1st Expert FC was in this year. I was playing Carrer on Expert, and then, played some bonus. I've played Metal Heavy Lady on sightread, and ended with 99% and -2, I think so, and then, in less than 30 minutes, I've FC'ed it.
Current FC's (EXPERT):
1:Metal Heavy Lady on PS2 (GH3) - First GH/GH3 FC
2:Closer on PS2(GH3)
3:Bulls On Parade on PS2(GH3)
4:Mississippi Queen on PS2(GH3)
5:Reptilia on PS2(GH3)
6:Generation Rock on PS2(GH3)
7:Talk Dirty To Me on 360(GH3)
8:Killer Queen(GH1) - First GH1 FC
9:This Love(GHOT) - First GHOT FC
10:Ruby on 360 (GH3)
11:Dream On PLAYED on 360 (GH Aerosmith) - First GH Aerosmith FC
12:She Sells Sanctuary on 360 (GH Aerosmith)
13:All Star (GHOT)
14:All The Young Dudes on 360 (GH Aerosmith)
15:All The Small Things (GHOT)
16:Jessie's Girl(GHOT)
17:So What'cha Want Vocals on 360 (RB2) - First RB/RB2/RB Vocals FC
18:Visions Vocals on 360 (RB2) On September 20th, I've ordered a Xbox 360 by internet. I was excited and very happy!!! They delivered my Xbox 360 on September 24th 2008. I'll never forget this date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Xbox LIVE rocks, and playing online with ScoreHero people is very cool!!!!!! His name is Ekis (yes, the same as "X"), and we are very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Gamertag: jellyalvPLEASE DON'T ADD ME. YOU CAN ADD ME WHEN I GET MY GOLD SIGNATURE BACK. On January 19, 2009, I've got a cheap 360 headset, and finally played vocals on Rock Band! I tought that was easy, but you sing and the f*ckin' game do not "read"! Well, I got a FC on So What'cha Want on X Vocals...More to come

Account moved to jellyalv because I want everything with the same name (Gamertag, Scorehero, YouTube, etc.)
Visit jellyalv!

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