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TheTard's Page

Hey, i'm TheTard, i play both Guitar Hero and Rock Band, I play everything on expert. I wouldn't say im the best at playing, but i can certainly hold my own.
I live in the uk, which sucks, ans also means that i don't get any of the games until like a year later... ehem... Rock Band. but yea i play on 360, my gamertag is TheTard so feel free to add me whenever and i will play co op or something with you.

TheTard's Accomplishments

Guitar Hero 3 Goals
Pass TTFAF [x]
4 star TTFAF [x]
5 star TTFAF []... lol
5 star expert [x] i own u raining blood!!!
1,000,000 co op [x]

Rock Band Goals
Beat expert Drums [x] woo
Beat RTTH expert drums [x] quite easy actually
5GS expert Guitar [] 56/58
FC More songs [] Yeh, ill get round to it

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