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So... My wiki....

Ummm.... Hello? ..... Uh, yes! Hello there! Welcome to my wiki! You seem to have been misdirected because there's no way you'd end up no MY wiki page.

Anyway, hello again! This is my, ThirstyMonkey's, wiki page. My real name is Paul and I'm from Wisconsin. I'm 15 years old, (16 in December w00t!) and I'm a sophomore. I don't usually brag, but this is teh internets so I will brag by saying I'm in AP Calculus BC which is usually a senior or college course and completely dominating. I also got a 34 on the ACT last year as a freshman. I was really close to a 35 too, because my subscore average was a 34.25.

About Guitar Hero! I first purchased GH3 for Wii on the day it came out. It was my first Guitar Hero game, but I had played a decent amount before. I didn't like have any special accomplishments, but I know I passed Jordan on Hard at some point. Not very impressive. So I got GH3 on its release day and played the crap out of it. I started on Easy, even though it wasn't difficult at all for me. I made sure I 5*'d every song before I moved to Medium. I did the same thing on Medium with only Knights of Cydonia and Raining Blood giving me trouble. I played through Hard and did ok. It took me like six or seven hours to finally beat Lou. I played Expert for a while before I went back to try to 5* Hard. When I went back to Hard, Knights of Cydonia and One were my toughest songs but I eventually got them. This was when I first got addicted to Hard.

I remember one day I was playing Paranoid and thought, "Wow, I should try to 100% this!" It took me like an hour but I finally did. I also FC'd My Name is Jonas that day. I don't remember I made my ScoreHero account, but I knew about the website, probably through GameFAQs, before I ever bought GH3. I did one day join the site and quickly started to try to dominate Hard.

My domination of Hard started off slow. My first few FC's came slow, but I soon hit a road block. My parents thought I was playing too much Guitar Hero, and they made me give it up for Lent. It was hard to not play. After a while I brought my guitar up from my basement and would pretend to play while watching videos on YouTube. During Lent, I made a bet with my friend that I could beat TTFAF within 2 months of starting up again. When Easter came, I excitedly played my first song in over a month. I SUCKED. The next weekend I tried to play some TTFAF, but completely failed. Two weeks later, I had pretty much given up, but I had a crazy run where I made it to the solo. I was stoked. The next day I made it through the solos only to fail at the Red Snake. About 10 minutes after that I finally passed. I enjoyed the $10 from my friend. I was officially good at Guitar Hero. It was on this day, April 6th, 2008 that I made my Accomplishments thread on Scorehero.

I continually improved, getting my 50th Hard FC on May 29th (RYLAH), and my 60th on June 19th (BIF). Since then I have gotten six more and now only lack KoC, One, Rabl and TTFAF. I hope to get KoC and Rabl soon. I have enjoyed my time on ScoreHero immensely, gaining some friends (Chubbly457) and some rivals (ortiz1193). We had some good times competing for spots on GH3 Wii Hard Top 10.

I also have Guitar Hero Aerosmith, which I FC'd Hard on November 1st. I'm currently 2nd on Wii and 8th Overall. I do not own a PS2, but I have borrowed one, along with GH1, GH2 and 80's and I hope to get 200 Hard FC's.

My Accomplishment Thread

Here are my scores!
Guitar Hero I
Guitar Hero II
Guitar Hero Rocks the '80s
Guitar Hero III
Guitar Hero Aerosmith

My videos on Youtube!
Pokemon Route Theme on Bass Clarinet
Super Mario Bros. Theme on Bass Clarinet
The Number of the Beast Hard FC

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